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The Project about to be discussed in this publication, helps break down some of our imagination limiting walls as regards gaming.
To aid your understanding and imagination as well, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) which is a very common game will be used as a case study.

The Limitations of GTA.

GTA is an action-adventure open world gameplay, where the player can choose to progress the overall story or engage in other side activities in "fictional" cities which mimic real world cities like New York City, Miami and the state of California.

The first and most notable limitation of GTA is its single-player gameplay. Aside from the avatar you control, all other avatars in the gameplay are programmed to simulate "reality". Other game characters aside yours are actually controlled by the program of the game console or server. This becomes obvious when you relate continually with the same character multiple times, as you begin to notice their repeated behaviors and speech. In other words, in the entire fictional city, your character is the only one controlled by human intelligence, others are just bots!

This is not completely true for online gaming, as there are other avatars controlled by other humans from somewhere in the world. However, flooding the GTA fictional cities with avatars controlled by human Intelligences which will agreeably reduce its fiction is not yet possible. The reason being that it would require really complex programming and most of all, very expensive to create an open world for every character as it is in real life, in terms of data servers and processors. Issues like these are categorized under game scalability, whereby a game cannot take as many players as possible, primarily because of technical limitations.

Say we turn a blind eye to the fictional fact :), that we are the only human in the world of bots, there exists also, another dilemma. The disconnection between the assets acquired in the game world and real world value. I personally love the fact that cars can be stolen very easily in GTA, but what everyone will love more is that these stolen cars can be traded for some in-game currency which can be converted eventually to real world currencies.😂

Although this will be interesting and really profiting, imaginatively, the inception of this connection between in-game and real world value will spring up some additional game perks including cars becoming more difficult to steal as owners may now become more security conscious, having several means to protect their assets. Also now, more certifications will be needed to actually complete a sale order, except of course, black markets start cropping up in the gameplays. Altogether, this all will result in a less fictional game.

These may only be just imaginative thoughts in the mind of a seemingly openworld-minded crime loving gamer, but they are not far from being achieved if you consider what XAYA - the ultimate gaming platform - brings to table.

Introducing XAYA


XAYA was formerly known as Chimaera and it's concept has been around since 2013, led by the same team. Huntercoin was the first product of this concept. A completely decentralized blockchain-based game with over 35,000 characters interacting simultaneously on the game. that's already getting close to building an in-game fictional city of human Intelligences. Released in 2014, it is interesting to know that Huntercoin, which was just a hobby project voluntary led by the XAYA team and designed to last for a year, is still running now and has amassed a market cap of over $10 million (USD).

XAYA is a blockchain based ecosystem for game development and game items or assets management built from the prior experience with huntercoin. The solution it presents bridges the gap virtual world and the real one, as it creates a path for value to flow between both. Also, it expands the boundaries of the virtual world and democratizes it via increased scalability and decentralization. For gamers like me, aside the real-world value attached, you would appreciate this solution in the increased number of graphical levels that will become possible and seemingly unending games with a lot of players simultaneously interacting with it.

Features of XAYA

Blockchain-Based Gaming

XAYA is sited on the immutable distributed decentralized register called the blockchain where every step of game states are recorded into it, like history is to time. As a result, It creates a virtual environment to truly own game assets and items. The decentralized nature of this register makes games built with XAYA to be probably fair, secure and less prone to censorship of any form, simply because these games run "severlessly", on a centerless network with nodes scattered all around the world, eliminating any chances of 51% attack.
Prior to XAYA, most gamers falsely acquired game items or assets through unlicensed patches. The XAYA blockchain completely eliminates this backdoor of getting game items for both players and developers, ensuring that the items or assets are acquired the right way and with XAYA, Items are acquired through human mining, where players actually discover in-game items of value and get rewarded for it.
There will be no need to doubt the XAYA blockchain as its securiy is a proven one. It uses a custom PoW consensus algorithm coupled with SHA-256 merged mining secured by bitcoin miners.

Complete Toolset

Working with the revolutionary blockchain technology is not an easy-peasy task. Most often it requires developers to learn new and complex programming languages such as solidity which help them develop smart contracts which governs transactions on the blockchain and this often delays game delivery. XAYA allows developers circumvent these language barriers by allowing game development in any programming language of their choice including c++, python, JavaScript etcetera, with no blockchain knowledge required. XAYA also provides complete SDK/API documentation with examples and support, to help developers get through developing aspect of things and focus more on packaging and market delivery. A clear implication of this is that blockchain game development will now be just as fast as regular game development as XAYA has eliminated all the problems that would have militated against it.

Payment Gateways

Of what use will be game items if they cannot earn the gamer real world value? Of course, none. But this has often been the case prior to XAYA. As XAYA injects real world value into the virtual environment, there surely needs to be a way for players to extract or mine them out, and this is exactly what XAYA provides, a lightning fast, secure and fraud proof value extraction gateways with very low payment processing fees. In-game tokens or assets can be traded for other cryptocurrencies trustlessly and the best part of these trades are, they are guaranteed. Another very interesting feature of XAYA's payment gateways is that, being implemented on the lightning network, XAYA will support atomic trading, which fundamentally allows swapping between cryptocurrencies, assets or tokens of any kind without any third party involved, instead a hash time-locked contract (HTLC) is used.

XAYA as a Second Big Bang

The significance of XAYA can easily be overlooked if not brought into perspective and this section of the publication will aim to do so.
Science has relaxed their arguments on the notion that the world started with a big bang of the universe's singularity, and in their opinion, all interactions in the universe today were as a result of that big bang. Who initiated it of course remains a mystery to them but I know who did😊, just as I know who has initiated the big bang of a virtual universe that we'll all soon live in.
Yes, It is not out of place to think that this is a second big bang, only difference is, this time the bang creates a virtual world and here is how it relates, broken down into three categories; space, time and value.

The gaming space*, which can be viewed as the number of multiplayers a game can accommodate, for this big bang purpose, has been quite limited, too limited to even form a small institution of game characters governed by human Intelligences (multiplayers). If attempted, problems slowed down gameplays or even server crashes or player disconnections usually occured. As such, the virtual world were not scalable as such or convenient to "live" in or may I say, could not even be called a "world" as it was unstable.
About the time of the virtual world, It would not be defined as it is affected by the instability of the virtual space. There would be no "virtual history" per say, as all records of past events are usually lost with game data server crashes. Say a game were to simulate real-life, crashes like these would result to a reset and this would mean for a virtual world, back to the day of creation.☺️ Also, with hacks and patches, time could be altered and I think sci-fi movies have driven into our minds some of the repercussions of doing so😂, still another inconvenience.
Value, contrary to popular belief, is the most interesting part of creation. It's what drives us to do what we do, It glues us to whatever location we find ourselves, and when we don't perceive the value of a particular point in space anymore, we seek "greener pastures". In the same way, it affects the virtual world. It is what makes it convenient, say the instability issues of time and space is fixed.

XAYA bangs into creation a real virtual world with the aforementioned tripartite categories in place. As regards space, with the scalability that the XAYA blockchain presents which allows Massive Multiplayers Online (MMO), a city of multiplayers will in no time be created or even more impressive, a planet of players. XAYA with its game channels technology guarantees that any number of players can participate in a real-time trustless gameplay, 24/7 uptime.

To make sure that world has its own history, and events follow after events, with all assets gained retained, XAYA employs ephemeral timestamps which is shared amongst each and every node on the network (decentralized), eliminating the possibilities of manipulations. Ephemeral timestamps plays its role primarily as a timeline for the virtual world and as historical proof to resolve disputes in interactions between characters in the world, specifying events that were initiated and by whom. With this virtual history, malicious nodes/characters or even attackers can easily be fished out and penalized.

Our real world today is proof that space and time doesn't mean inhabitable or convenient, several planets with no life-forms proves this. Now a Decentralized Autonomous Universe (DAU) with no characters "living" in it would not be so interesting, would it?

Recognition of this, I think 😊, in addition to driving engagement and development of this new world, XAYA injects value into this newly found world, making it more convenient and worth living in. Well, you know as they say; "money makes the world go round".😏
The implications of this value injection into the decentralized universe which XAYA creates, in the form of in-game currencies and assets, is far reaching. To a huge extent, it is responsible for its successful and sustainable autonomous nature. Nodes without coercion, will seek out ways to develop the ecosystem in order to get incentivized.

Inside of the already created virtual world of space and time, the real-world value which XAYA embeds in it makes it less fictional and more convenient and without doubt will expand the already $108.9 billion large gaming industry as it would become more alluring with a new appealing sense of maturity.
Again this innovative XAYA gaming platform makes it not out of place to envision literally mining in-game elements which can be atomic-traded for the platform's native cryptocurrency (CHI) and then to other cryptocurrencies, then fiat or being a virtual farmer with products with a real world value or even completely setting up a virtual business which would yield real-world ROIs. In fact, XAYA have conceptualized and implemented this on another of their succesful project named Namecoin, and have dubbed the process Human mining.

The possibilities of the space, time and value alignment which has only been achieved by XAYA are endless and will only limited by our imagination. From simple two-player games, to a city and even universe of players, XAYA might just be the technology that brings the movie, Ready Player One, alive.See whitepaper for more technical information.

Benefits of XAYA

Infinite Possibilities: As you may have thought, Decentralized Reality (DR) is a new genre of gaming with so great benefits, some of which has been mentioned, but the benefits becomes even greater when combined with other genre of gaming such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), to form hybrid genres such as DVR or DAR.

Swift Quality Game Delivery: Via XAYA SDK/API, developers can easily cook up games in any language they are comfortable with little or no knowledge about blockchains and smart contracts, allowing for swift delivery for blockchain-based games. XAYA also provides the decentralized resources to devs to allow their developed games scale as much as they wish it to.

Gaming Rewarded: In this industry, gamers have been the least rewarded. Not anymore, as XAYA through its human mining will reward gamers as they'll be able to monetize in-game Items and discovered gems. This also guarantees loyalty of gamers to game brands, building a healthy gaming relationship in the industry.

Built with Experience: XAYA is not another hobby Project. However, the team leading the project has had many successful hobby projects namely, Huntercoin and Namecoin. As such, XAYA is not a theoretical platform but a fully practical one, which is set to release some featured games.

Versatile Building Tool: XAYA provides tools to build a wide range of game types Including Collectible card games, Real-time strategy games (RTS)/ multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA)
Turn-based games, MMORPGs etcetera. This vast compatibility will aid easy adaption of the XAYA platform.

The XAYA main sale is currently live and will run from 5weeks computed from September 7th.


In all this virtual world big bang which will undoubtedly heighten the gaming industry, XAYA stands as a god which provides the toolset for carving out the products which will yet be without form or void after the bang, whilst providing a channel between the newly formed world and this one we live in. In my opinion, gaming and game developing has never been this incentivizing and secure, both to the developer and to the gamer and this ultimate blockchain gaming platform will serve as the foundation for next gen games. XAYA, Hell Yeah!

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