Mobstermaffia Great RPG Game To Win Bitcoins!

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I can imagine There are people who are searching daily for some ways to earn bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.
So that's why i'm sharing a couple of games where you can win some prizes in bitcoin. Anyway the game is more fun based but every once in a while you can win some prizes. Prizepool 85€ ( $105 ) : Every 3 or 4 months the game start from zero again. Everyone has a fresh new account and the goal of the game is to end in the top 10 of most power at the end off every round to win one of the prizes.

So what can you do in the Game?
There are so many different things to do in the game so for those who really wanna play the game for real it could be better to join another simular game as It has no resets but also no prizes to win. But alot of fun!
The goal after reaching the Most power in the game is to build up your own maffia city.

As you can see on the image above. How longer you play the game how bigger your city will become. First you start with small houses. And every upgrade will make them bigger and better. Also you will get more houses in the game and you will be able to unlock more game opportunities. For example when you reach level 100 you will be able to use the airport to create a second city with new houses!

          3. Another great option in the game is the multyplayer pokergame.

Ofcourse it's just for fun but you can win money to build your city or to buy more power in the game.

         4. As we said before the game is about reaching the most power.

You need power to attack other people. How more power you have how easier you can win from your enemy. To attack somebody you will need to collect bullets in your city. If you deal enough dammage to your enemy you will win some cash to build up your city!

            5. Building up your family

Mobstermaffia is a game with alot of other players around +15000 players. So you have to work together with other players in a couple of game options. So you can join a family or make your own one. When you are in a Family you will have alot more game options. As doing missions together , doing familywars with other families or try to win some extra diamonds!

      6.Also every couple of hours there is a new event. 

Try to end in the top 5 to win extra diamonds or cash.

But there is way more to discover in the game. I only mentioned a couple of game options you can do at the start off the game. Later in the game ( if you have a higher level ) You will be able to fight bosses who are giving great rewards. Travel to other cities with your airplane. And build up your second city! These are options that take a while to achieve. So for those who really like the game it's smarter to join the as it has no resets. But if you prefer to play the game to win some bitcoins? Then you should join or those have both real life money to win. And they are paying in bitcoin, PayPal or some other crypto if you ask them!

If you have any questions about the game ask them below ;)

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Thanks for the information. I've always liked wining free BTC, please on which platform can I play this game?


It's a browsergame just enter and you should be able to play ;)

This is too good. bitcoins for playing games is a fantastic idea. will start on them immediately

New information for me, thank you so much @cannonwar.


Nice work @cannonwar looks like my new addiction for sure :D!


Have fun ;)


Thank's @cannonwar I'm giving away a free cryptokitty on my page if you wanted to get involved ;)

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OK I will look into it!

Hahaa awesome it looks like alot more fun than using a faucet!


Yea but it's also hard to win but if you like to play this kind of games why not give it a try ;)

HAdn't heard of this game. Thanks for sharing.

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If there is a mission to accomplish and only the best players get some prizes, i could not imagine they would wpend all the time playing games to win instead of socialize with people. I would prefer blogging in steemit, post something when I have time and spend a lot of time with my family.


The TOP10 people with the Most power at the end of the round win . But yea it's very time consuming so if you don't like this kind of games it's not even worth the time to try to win those prizes i guess ;)

Wow, it jus keeps getting suprosing and better, smiles! Thanks for sharing

Very interesting writing. The only thing I think I don't like is that every 3 or 4 months you have to start all over again. But the idea that you can win bitcoin is very tempting.

· is without resets but also without prizes ;)

Interesting acade games

You say they have over 15.000 players but only 10 of them will win a prize? Did you every make it to the top 10?


Yea but probably only 200 active players each round anyway it's hard to end in the top10 and if you don't like the game it's most likely not worth to play for the prizes. But for those who like to play this kind of games it's cool that they can win some money/bitcoin prizes.

haha soo funny thx for share this game

Thanks for the link!! I'll check it out. Is there much advertising?


Thanks for the link!! I'll check it out. Is there much advertising?


Very interesting writing. The only thing I think I don't like is that every 3 or 4 months you have to start all over again. But the idea that you can win bitcoin is very tempting.

An interesting idea, but the reward seems quite low.

nice post thank you~

Cool. Will play some later. Thanks for sharing.

Its awesome.

wow nice information thanks alot dear and thanks for sharing this post with us

Your writing is very interesting.
But I want to ask you, what do you think about the development of 2018 bitcoin price in the future?
I just want to survey some people


Probably later in 2018 we should see another bull run but for the next weeks it probably will stay around 10-15k that's what i think :D

That's pretty unique!

Interesting - and they're certainly not pouring money into the graphics, are they?? These screenshots are straight out of the 1990s!

Upvoted, thanks for the info on this , I have never heard of this. It looks really fun to play! especially the poker!

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I'll do it for the bitcoins but it actually looks fun too. Thanks for sharing with us.

A bit of good fun. I joined Mobster Maffia and am just working my way up. Timers are a pain though, I've used most of my diamonds just clearing timers so I can earn. And bank is limited unless you have followers but overall, a nice fun game. Thanks for sharing ;-)

Ah, this is really great, new information to me, thanks my man

Very good post thanks 😊

I love these types of games, please share if you find more.

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This is a cool game and I signed up for an account. I know most of my friends online don't play it but I want to gain some followers for the game.
Here's my link for followers:

Nice information. I'll surely play some ..I hope i could win some...


Goodluck and have fun ;)

Very interesting! One time I found a website that gave away free BTC every now and then, but it was a very small amount. This games seem more interesting and fun. Do you have to invest a lot of time?