Building a Gaming PC Part 1 - I love it when a plan comes together

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This is a story that started it's journey, like many do, some time ago. In February this year my youngest boy turned 7, and like many children his age has in interest in many things both outdoor and in. He does however have a keen interest in computers, technology and YouTube. Specifically YouTube gaming channels fascinate him, and the latest indie games often to be found on Steam he is always keen to try out himself. Most of his gaming is on the iPad or PS4 - so for steam games it means using one of my MacBooks using either OSX or Windows 10 via Bootcamp. It works OK but he isn't keen on trackpads and much as I love my MacBooks they are not made for gaming...or kids trying to touch the screen all the time.

Throughout the year he has mentioned now and again about playing modded version of games - MineCraft Mods, Gary's Mod a whole first person gaming platform he became fascinated by after watching the VenturianTale YouTube channel. And he wants to get into creating his own gaming content, in the same way the channels he enjoys watching do. A few weekends back while we were relaxing and hanging out in the way most geeky father and sons do (MacBook for me, iPad for him and YouTube subs flowing via the Apple TV) Christmas conversation came up and he expressed again his interest in a gaming pc to play modded games and start doing YouTube videos. While he might still be a bit young for YouTube creating, EthanGamer TV has done very well out of it and I can handle the channel and video encoding - all he has to do is present some footage to work with. Plus a powerful computer isn't a toy that would be in the house for just him to play with ;-)

So rolling with the idea we did some google image searches on gaming set ups - which quickly involved me dispelling the idea of multi display set ups (lovely as they are, it was already turning into an expensive idea) so we scanned through the pictures and videos and the concept developed, he saw a few green and black set ups and as green is his favourite colour this was a definite winner. He found a gaming chair in Black and Green that was perfect and so the journey began.


Working on the black and green theme I had a few options to look at, buy an off the peg rig with the convenience of being pre-built, buy a used rig but finding something with black and green led would be tricky or post mod it - or just go all out and build something from scratch. Some 12 years ago I built a media server PC tower for home out of used parts picked up on eBay - it ran well for 6 years then I replaced it with a Mac Mini just because it took up a fraction of the space at home and I reworked the media centre for the living room and their was not space for it. That PC is still doing a fine job at my work instead, so it did not go to waste!


For reference the MacMini is visible in the home media shelf I built in the living room - a tower was not going to fit in that gap!

Returning to the puzzle, exactly how I was going to end up with a gaming PC presented many issues. Off the peg was quick and easy - but even using a service like Overclockers they are building to profit and with no idea what specs really make a good rig other then paying a large amount for something it was hard to judge what would handle future games - I did not want to need to upgrade all the time. Buying a used system off eBay was appealing - but again the worry was I would buy something that was already outdated and not able to handle current games let alone future ones - this was to be a gaming PC and if I was going to do it - then building something that really did kick the pants off consoles and would handle future titles and possibly VR was really essential. In the end I found a current guide with gaming pc build ideas with specs and links to relevant parts ideas - and used this for the basis of building my own custom rig from scratch. With Black Friday around the corner I set about keeping an eye on the various components I would need to get the best price on them, the PC tower itself has specific requirements - black and green LED. I found the perfect tower on eBay new, ordered it only to be refunded by the seller as he had no stock! Bit of of hunting and I found the same one on Amazon for £10 less - so grabbed it quick.


The twin green LED fans at the front were the main appeal, looking for a gaming tower of course it has to have a clear side panel so you can see the hardware inside.


No hardware yet though, that still has to arrive. I did pick up a higher then advised 850watt EVGA PSU which is modular - so you can plug in only the cables you need to save clutter. That's powering the fans right now, using the good old paper clip trick I am now well used to from my ASIC miner fun (PSU suppliers have made some money out of me these last few months).


The tower came with 3 green LED fans, the two at the front and the one at the top back. These two I added myself and are mounted at the very top of the case - so front two fans suck air in, the back and these two top two pull it out. I also have some green LED strips to highlight the motherboard and graphics card - once they are installed.

The only Black Friday deals I got were an RGB Keyboard and RGB Mouse - if you are going LED you might as well go LED all the things.


Both the Keyboard and Mouse have multiple settings, obviously if we are going to match everything it has got to be green


The gaming monitor I picked up prior to Black Friday, it's an ASUS 27" curved gaming monitor with very good reviews - and it dropped to half price so I took the opportunity. I'm very impressed, we use it for the PS4 and hooked upto my MacBook Pro Windows 10 Bootcamp while I finish the PC build.


The computing desk dates back some 15 years, I needed stands for an exhibition to display stock and these were a value way of doing it. Since then they have been stored at work gathering dust in their boxes - works perfect for this job except - the gaming tower is too tall to fit underneath the desk - it does just but all the easy access ports and the power button are on top of the tower - and so would be unusable under the desk.


In part two we will have the actual components to install in the tower, Motherboard, CPU, Graphics Card, RAM and SSD - did I make the right choice? I don't know - but I'm sure someone will have an opinion.


As this build is for my boy, and he will not be unwrapping it on Christmas Day - kind of impractical to keep this sort of thing hidden - I'm trying my best to get him involved in the build and selection process for parts.


It's not easy, he is just eager to get playing - but building it up from bits rather then opening a ready made box on Christmas Day will hopefully teach him a little more about what makes the technology we use and take for granted every day work.


So look out for part two, when I reveal the parts I selected to make this gaming pc run - will it be a savage beast or a damp squib?

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That is awesome. Green led for all devices and even green gaming chair.

Thanks Larry, loving your recent posts - you are a very lucky man indeed!

Thank you my Friend

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ha ha... at least an animated banner ;)

Wow! I am just amazed by you! Congratulations my dear friend @ c0ff33a I cannot wait to see your boy’s face! Keep it up!

Awesome my dear friend

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Nice information and your kid, all of 7 years is already showing signs of becoming a great software and game developer. All the best and I appreciate that inspite of your busy schedule at Coffee stuff, you give enough time to your kids. That's a nice thing...

Between work, steemit and everything else life brings it's hard to share time out - but we manage to fit our time in well. He needs to get educated well though my boy, he's going to need a well paying job so he can pay me back all the money I end up spending on his Roblox game!

Nice setup. Will be exciting to see how it ends up.

Believe me I'm excited too. Although it's a long time since I tried clamping a CPU to a motherboard - I hope it's got easier I nearly broke the board the last time I did it!

Its probably been over 10 years since I last build one, but then I basically just put together finished components, as far as I can remember. But is has to be easyer now. I would at least expect some progress in that area (?)

my little heart can not handle all this

I know it's exciting isn't it! I can't wait to find out what happens in part 2 ;-)

That look like a green hornet is coming to town ... nice.. good graphic card like gtx 1060 6gb able to play all games even with the older version of motherboard it works fine.. but i think u know much better than I am.

That graphic card was indeed listed in the guide of was using for one the builds they advised (The guide had different budget level builds). You are going to have to wait to see what I selected though for part 2 - oh the suspense!

.i hope its not like what i'm thinking haha

Sweet computer build! I built mine too but it was a few years ago. I recently upgraded the graphics card and I have ordered more RAM for it.

I prefer to build my own, its easier to upgrade and make last longer than any pre made PC I have ever bought.

Thanks Debra, we have to wait until Part 2 to see if I selected the right parts to make it an awesome machine

I figured you had the rest of it ordered. I bought one component a month until mine was complete to start with. People usually don't put much thought into the case but it looks like you got a nice one. Air flow is so important for the gaming machines.

I like that we can follow the steps you're taking to build this machine. I'd like to get something similar for my gaming teens but don't know what specs I'm to look out for, etc.

I await the next part/s with interest. :)

My heart can't tolerate because I can't buy PC gamer like this I need your supports guys thank you

You have to wait until Part 2 to decide what it is really like, right now it is all show and no power behind it. Will the parts I selected turn it into a gaming pc - or a supermarket checkout till? Only Steemit can decide 0_o

Ok I will wait until part 2 thank you @c0ff33a

Well I reckon you've outdone yourself here Robert. Stellar job, I love your sons colour choice for the chair and lighting within the tower. Cool carpet BTW. You can't beat the buzz of a do it yourself setup really. I expect to see some new gaming content on YouTube very soon. I also expect to see some high class gameplay from him as he always points out to you how bad you are :D

Thanks Bob, yes the green and black does work really well. I take it you noticed the theme throughout the room then! I'm going to make his own channel rather then add it to my own videos - he is actually very good at gaming so I'm quite sure his videos are going to be putting me to shame!

Wow your son must be happy having such a "nerdy" dad ;) - I hope he knows to honour that !

I’m sure he does - I raised a bit of a stir in his school playground when I picked him up the other day in my Logan Paul Maverick hoody #beamaverick

to be honest: I had to google Logan Paul Maverick ;)

That looks like it will be a beast of a gaming PC when it is finished, and it's in my favourite colour too!

But your Blue?

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very nice game

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That would be right up Bens alley. TBH put some LEDs on anything and he will buy it lol.

That is looking great, I am very curious to see what your actual hardware will be.

Your comment about the vendors focusing on profit and not really knowing what they put in is interesting. Whilst I don't totally and utterly agree (by that I mean that there are some vendors that do know what they're doing) there is a lot of truth in it, and I do wish that more people would open their eyes to that. There are a lot of youtube videos that talk about the worst 'gaming' PCs on offer.

Looking forward to your second article now!

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