BROCFML Season 5 Update: Updated Prize Bonuses and Payouts

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BROCFML Season 5, Week 8

Attention BROCFML owners and fans, we have added new prizes to the BROCFML Season 5 prize pool. The action is heating up as we near mid-season and team owners are preparing to make their final big moves before the trading deadline passes.

To add some a little additional excitement and a lot of SPORTS to the league, the following prizes will be awarded for the following accomplishments:

  • Individual rushing yardage leader (1,000 SPORTS)
  • Individual passing yardage leader (1,000 SPORTS)
  • Individual sack leader (1,000 SPORTS)
  • Individual interception leader (1,000 SPORTS)
  • Top offensive team (1,000 SPORTS)
  • Top defensive team (1,000 SPORTS)
  • Top team offensive most points scored (1,000 SPORTS)
  • Top team defense least points allowed (1,000 SPORTS)
  • Top team sacks (1,000 SPORTS)
  • Top team interceptions (1,000 SPORTS)

BROCFML Prizes for Owners

The prize pool for league owners includes 100,000 SPORTS (minimum) and 1,000 SCR. The prizes will be paid out to owners in the following manner:

  • BRO Bowl Champion: 60%
  • BRO Bowl Runner-Up: 20%
  • Conference Runner-Up: 15%*
  • Conference Runner-Up: 5%

*Tiebreakers: Best Record/Points Scored

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