I Miss The Sega DreamCast and Old School Gaming

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The console of the late 90s definitely came and left faster than expected...I would have thought by 2018 we'd have had a sequel to Sega's pinnacle console. I am disappointed in the transferrence of intellectual properties over the years including Sonic and even Soul Reaver. These iconic series deserve a solid recreation on a console fitted for it...


I feel as though Xbox has almost become the new age Dreamcast, but nothing can match the 'what ifs' my imagination produces. The nostalgia factor is huge, but the simplicity of old consoles including PS2 made them so innovative and beautiful. I miss the smaller consoles in which a gamer only needed a memory card, either way I will look forward to new series to take my headspace away. I've played remakes of old classics like 'Shadow of the Colossus', but nothing really matches the appeal of a game that is new with mechanics never seen before.


We need less remakes and more modern classics, I can really only hope developers have enough intuition to bring real emotion into the new age of Virtual Reality. Only a few game creators are trustworthy in the department of breaking boundaries, I mostly speak to the ode of Hideo Kojima when I say that.


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Classic game system. Brings back memories!



I so agree about less remakes, just like the movies, it is getting boring and very uninspiring. Where is the pure creativity?


I agree!

I never had a dreamcast, part of me feels like somethings missing inside me low key


Haha yes my nee... Dreamcast too much beast

great post. truly a great and timeless video game console. i still have my dream cast and play Power Stone every now and then!


Hell yee!

I think my brother @dreamingirwin had a dreamcast. I use to hang out in his room watching him play his games


That is awesome!