The Sorry State Of Blockchain Gaming...Top 10 Games Ranking

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I did the reviews guys! Here are the top 10 most popular games on the Blockchain...

Let's start from the bottom

10. PepeDapp

Users 24h: 64
Vol: 7,89 ETH

Skjermbilde 2018-06-20 kl. 20.23.39.png

Yeah..uhm..not going to do any clicking on that site..


9 CryptoStrikers

Users 24h: 70
Vol: 1,75 ETH

Skjermbilde 2018-06-20 kl. 20.23.22.png

Crypto Strikers. The Beautiful (card) Game.. Indeed. I'm gonna pass on that as well


8 CryptoCities

Users 24h: 74
Vol: 0,54 ETH

Skjermbilde 2018-06-20 kl. 20.30.03.png

This game I actually tried for a little while way back, and it did not appeal to me at all.


7 CryptoAsset Fight

Users 24h: 110
Vol: 0,19 ETH

Skjermbilde 2018-06-20 kl. 20.23.02.png

Click at own risk. Love the Putin Card there though..I almost clicked..


6 Ether Schrimp Farm

Users 24h: 116
Vol: 1,29 ETH

Skjermbilde 2018-06-20 kl. 20.22.36.png

My Metamask was probably raped by a Shrimp for just entering that site..116 people actually play that?


5 Hyper Dragons

Users 24h: 126
Vol: 4 ETH

Skjermbilde 2018-06-20 kl. 21.01.08.png

Buy dragons, hatch eggs, spend money..


4 Ether Online: The ETHagon

Users 24h: 128
Vol: 0,41 ETH

Skjermbilde 2018-06-20 kl. 20.43.20.png

Graphics! This game seemed to be on to something, but looking at the ETH volum and users it's a dead game as well. Everything costs fees and it's p2w, but it is an actual game and I like the concept.


3 Ethermon (ps: Not

Users 24h: 147
Vol: 0,92

Skjermbilde 2018-06-20 kl. 20.21.05.png

These are my actual mons! I'm selling them for 100 ETH now! I managed to cough up my old metamask account and there they were. 7 Shiny ethermons bought in March 2018. I'm not sure how much I spent. Probably too much. I checked out the internal market and damn, some were selling these for 100 ETH..and 10 ETH..and some for 1 ETH and some for 0,1ETH and some for 0, get the picture. They're worthless.


2 Ether Goo - Idle Game

Users 24h: 153
Vol: 5,95 ETH

Skjermbilde 2018-06-20 kl. 19.59.54.png

Yeah, uhm..the graphics looks a little dodgy, but I'm sure it's a great game considering 153 people are throwing 5,95 ETH on it every day..This is the number TWO most popular blockchain game :D



1 CryptoKitties

Users 24h: 372
Vol: 30,62 ETH

Skjermbilde 2018-06-20 kl. 21.04.45.png


Thanks to @dappradar for providing the stats.

I am of course making a little bit of fun of these games. And to be honest, most of them are shit. But it's necessary shit that we have to get through before we will see some gems. Crypto is full of scams, get rich quick scheems, pyramide scheemes and bad deals. Most of these games aren't exactly scams, but the Ethereum blockchain is slow, everything you do must go through Metamask with it's ridicilous fees, my macbook pro got super heated, and it's just a mess basically.

But look on the bright side. This is how early we are. So stay vigilant, because very soon there are going to pop up much much better games, built on Steem, EOS and other more suitable blockchains. We will see games being built off chain, but use transactions to verify digital assets. We will see many different methods of implementing crypto currencies into gaming - but trust me, THIS is in my opinion THE most important area for Blockchain at the moment. Gaming. When young people with way too much student debt, no job, living in their parents basement realize that they can make crypto and own actual digital assets? Oh boy! Why bother with those old stupid games where the developers can just drop items when crybabies cry for free stuff because it takes effort to get it?


Blockgames is a blog run by a cryptogaming enthusiast and investor. I will explore games, follow development and I have a tight connection to many of the games I'm writing about. Follow @blockgames for info on games, development and investing opportunities. Disclaimer: This is not investing advice, and for 100% transparency I am personally invested in @steemmonsters, @parsec-frontiers, @decentraland and @databits. All opinions are my own opinions and they might be flawed or wrong. I'm only human!

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Waiting for the EOS based to go mainstream and the Grand Tournament!

Yeah! It looks fun!

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