Ninja samurai assassin IV in play store android

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Ninja samurai assassin IV


Good night gaming friends wherever it is of course tonight I continue my writing is still on android game that I took in the playstore on android I have and I love this game because before I review especially I first install the game and play it for several levels in order I easily review the game. Let's see below about my game review I hope you enjoy it.

This game is also a game found on the android playstore. I meriview this game because I am interested in the game that is produced by this game including a very big challenge, in this game there are some techniques that are very easy to understand for us understand because it is not too difficult I tried to install the game from the play store.

Then I try to play the game so I feel very interested to continue the permination is not too heavy technikal it just we follow like other game that is follow directed directives by developer and we just follow its there are some buttons on the screen game so we easily follow it. In this game some directives that we follow before continuing the adventure that we will face in this game.

This game can also be categorized into an adventure game that must be to kill some enemies on the road to the area that completed the mission, I will explain some of the function keys on the screen and its usefulness. On a screen that is filled with some elements that really affect us play so we have to master its utility.


The circle in the lower corner on the right serves as to walk and slide sideways right and left and backward. In the screen to rotate the direction there is no marker of anything and to see down is also the same thing.

Weapons that are used in a game is an arrow, a sword and a star to kill the opponent. and the love-shaped above is a sign of his game this game but in this game if we can die to take restar to start again this game. And if we take his menu is we go to the basement. this game is gendre gemelof game found on android us and very easy to get its game is also free do not have to pay. I have reviewed the screen stages on the left and its functions. Now we go to the right screen.

The right-hand screen shows that there are several cross-sectional buttons like crossed swords, shoes and arrows pointed upward and people jumping and the top of the picture is like a wheel in which each function.

I will describe one by one the function of the image misalanya gamabar crossed sword its function is as mengeyun sword seta interesting and aiming arrow to shoot lawanyang away from us. the most interesting again is when the shooting is right on target without any direction from us to press something slowmotion it will come out when about the opponent that we shoot by using the arrow so that the arrow. Will look stuck where we shoot until the opponent or the enemy when fallen will seem very good subject of his friend.

Then the shoe symbol serves to kick the opposite opponent in front when the opponent approaches and us and the symbol of the arrow is for us to jump up to climb a building where this mission is obliged to complete the mission there are some items that must be taken for example arrows and stars on the floor and its functions must also be used to guess a padlock made of wood to mine so that we can pass to take the goods can be said to coins in exchange for buying goods in the shop.


The jump person button serves as a jump by which ninja to climb a picture fence that is in use he is not the same function as the arrow I wrote above, so it will be easier for us to use it while running his mission it. The developers have been thinking about it before designing it

And yet another symbol like the wheel on the right-hand corner is functioning as a set on the key, but the rules I'm talking about here are not rules of play and neither are the rules for the brightness of images and guns but the rules there is a rule where to set the music contained in the game samurai ninja to complete the atmosphere when we walk the mission, very interesting is my dear friend ,,


Similarly my best friend of writing for this game I review in accordance with the game that I play but my recommendation for you who like games about adventure like this ninja is the right for you and there is no loss for you test it.

with the image that is very supportive once my best friend who is sure sanagt satisfied than we enjoy the adventure of this game another thing that really like is free we can it in the play store. So thank you and I say to you guys you like it, hope we meet another time on the same platform.



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Mntb bg (y)


Lumayan bg... game yang mempunyai grafik sangat tinggi untuk versi android


Klo mw download game grafik tinggi hp hrus pnya ckop memori bg klo gk hang jga lama2 ahahah


Asli bro... hehehe . Kali saya untuk menginstal game cukup 1 aja... bila memang sudah tau tehnikal nya saya halus kemudian saya cari yang lain.. akan tetapi manfaatkan wifi jangan paket data