Mordhau Alpha - First Look

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Mordhau Alpha - First Look

DISCLAIMER: Mordhau is currently in ALPHA. This may or may not be representative of what will be in the final product. You should consider this when judging the game.


If you're familiar with Chivalry : Medieval Warfare, you'll probably familiar with the first person slasher perspective upon entering a match.


It already contains many features that Chivalry did not have on release such as;

  • Morphing - Beginning an attack in windup than switching to another instead
  • Half swording - Alternative grips on weapons for different reach and damage
  • Melee Weapon Throwing - Throwing 1 handed melee weapons
  • Projectile Deflection - Ability to parry or hit away incoming projectiles
  • Clashing - When two active attacks hit each other they cancel each out to prevent double hits


Customization options for equipment are huge from head to toe. If you'd like to follow the game's development checkout the forums.

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