Wild Dewott for Pokédex and found a new 100% IV too

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After taking over the Gyms with our group, 3 of us still walked around for a while longer catching more Pokémon and completing some quests as well. We were hanging out a bit in the shopping street at another Gym where we were catching Pokémon and talking about stuff we saw in the display of a book shop and making some jokes. Then we slowly headed back, we waited a little bit when one guy was going to pick up something really quickly. The other guy and I suddenly saw a Dewott appear on our nearby radar. So when that guy was back and he saw it he almost freaked out and we calmly said yeah we know :P Let's go and get it! As the Dewott was near where all of us would kinda have to pass for going home it was even more convenient.

This Dewott was a high level as you can see with it having 1091 CP. I threw a Razz Berry and an Ultra Ball with a curved throw, but it broke out! I used a Golden Razz Berry with Ultra Ball and a curved throw, it broke out again. I thought it would run away for sure when it jumped out twice. Luckily I was able to catch it with the throw after that. Now I have Dewott registered in my Pokédex!

Wild Dewott Pokédex registry.jpg

Later in the evening when I was at home for a while already I decided to go for a little walk to catch some Pokémon. On that walk, near the library I found a 100% IV Pidove! It was at another Pokéstop close to the library, so a bit further away than place the Doduo was at recently. Still really close though! This Pidove is already a high level too so that makes it even better in case I'd wanna power it up sometime. I don't play on evolving it currently though, I don't have Unfezant yet and I'd like to try and find a wild Unfezant for my Pokédex registry.

100 IV Pidove.jpg

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