The earth-shattering return of Adventure Week !

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Last year we had an Adventure Week, with a focus on going on adventures also featuring Rock-type Pokémon. With a high focus on the Fossil Pokémon, Omanyte, Kabuto and Aerodactyl, who had their Shiny forms added into the game then. This year the Adventure Week makes an earth-shattering return with an inclusion of even more fossil Pokémon!

All Rock-type Pokémon will appear more frequently in the wild. Pokémon like Onix, Larvitar, Lileep, Anorith, Shieldon, Cranidos and more Rock-type Pokémon can be hatched from 2 km Eggs obtained during this event. Which will run through June 11th. Many Rock-type Pokémon can now be challenged in all Raid levels except for level 5 Raids as those are still Cresselia.

Going on adventures is really going to be rewarding during this event, especially as we now have the Adventure Sync feature. Your Buddy Pokémon will earn Candy 4 times faster than usual, so those Buddy Pokémon that require 5 km to find a Candy will only require 1.25 km now. If you need some Candy from Legendary or Mythical Pokémon now would be an ideal time to set them as Buddy as they'll only need 5 km to find a Candy instead of the usual 20 km.

Visiting new Pokéstop will reward 10x the XP on the first spin of the Photo Disc. Which you can see if there is a white horizontal circle around the Pokéstop. A regular Pokéstop spin rewards you 50 XP, a new Pokéstop spin rewards 250 XP. With this 10x bonus that would be 2,500 XP per new Pokéstop spin and you could further double that with a Lucky Egg. If you have Adventure Sync enabled and you walk 50 km this week you will get a 50,000 Stardust and 15 Rare Candies bonus on top of the usual rewards.

With an event like this there are always some new Shiny Pokémon getting added to the game. This year Anorith, Lileep and Onix get their Shiny forms added to the game. Let's explore and try to encounter these Shiny Pokémon! Last year I wasn't lucky to encounter any Shiny Kabuto, Omanyte or Aerodactyl. Hopefully I'll be able to find some Shinies this time!

Rock Pokémon.jpg

I found this Cranidos yesterday with a rainbow in the background, which made it a great moment to take a screenshot of the encounter. On my nearby list I could see many of the Rock-type Pokémon that are now spawning this event. This was when I was about to go take over the Houten Schip Gym with some of my team. I came across most of them when I was close to the Gym, catching some Pokémon on my way. They were talking with a kid who was interested in doing some Raids but couldn't do them alone. Since we were likely going to do some nearby Raids after taking over the Gym he went with us and we also added him into the group we have for Raids.

After taking over the Gym some of us were not going to do the Raids. But two of our group and I were interested in doing the Cresselia Raid at a nearby Gym and then going to the market square to do another Cresselia Raid there that was about to come out in 10 minutes. So we took that kid with us to help him out with the Cresselia Raids. With the first Raid he managed to catch it and add Cresselia to his Pokédex, makes me happy that we were able to help him out.

Anorith and Lileep all over.jpg

At the market square I caught a Shuckle, Geodude and Dratini near the Gym and Pokéstop and then we went into the Cresselia Raid. I already saw a lot of Lileep and Anorith there before the Raid, we did the Raid first though. After the Raid I feel like one or two more Lileep and Anorith spawned there. I took this screenshot then as that was really a high amount of Lileep and Anorith! The in-game weather was quite strange though, as it wasn't raining at all. I caught all of them, none of them were Shiny though. Perhaps I'll have more luck today!

Are you looking forward to this Adventure Week? Have you been able to get some of the new Shiny Pokémon already?

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