Reached Level 44: Time to Purify more Shadow Pokémon

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Ahoy! I have reached level 44 in Pokémon GO sometime ago! It's already been a little while since I reached it, but anytime I thought about maybe posting about it I was either too busy or I already had other content to post. Here we are though, finally a post about reaching level 44 and what to do for level 45.

This next screenshot shows the level up notifications. I'm honestly not sure about those stats though in the last screenshot.

Level 44.png

It did take me a while to go from level 43 to 44 because I don't play the Battle League that often, so it had taken me a long time to finish all those Trainer Battle victories in the different leagues. Still though even in the time that took I'm not sure this amount of catches is correct. It could be though. Just seemed like a pretty high number.

Now let's see what I need to do for reaching level 45.

Level 45 Requirements.png

As you can see I already have the required exp, and completed 1 task already. That one involved Platinum Medals. The other tasks all center around Team GO Rocket. As I need to defeat Grunts, Leaders and Purify Shadow Pokémon.

I did know about there being a level where you had to Purify Shadow Pokémon. Friends who reached that level already told me about it. So I saved up some Shadow Pokémon that require 1,000 Stardust to Purify in order to make progress on that part.

In this next screenshot you can see all the Shadow Pokémon that I gave the #purify. Which is one that I created to easily find them all once I reached the level.

Shadow to Purify.png

A few in there have a minimum of 13 in every stat, meaning they'd become 15/15/15 after Purifying. That's why some are named "purify #100". You might notice how the Lairon doesn't have the name purify like others do. That's because I was first naming them like this. But then I realised I could just make a Tag and give that Tag to them.

In the different Pokédexes that we have there is one for Shadow Pokémon and one for Purified Pokémon. So I first started off with evolving some of these. That way I could add Shadow Aggron, Shadow Crobat, Shadow Gyarados and Shadow Staraptor to my Pokédex.

Evolve and Purify.png

In the case of Staraptor that also resulted as the Staraptor Pokédex registry because I had never evolved a Staravia into Staraptor so far, nor found one in the wild.

After evolving them, I purified them too. Which you can see in the last screenshot of each Pokémon above and the little pop-up showing my progress with Purifying 100 Shadow Pokémon.

After that I was still left with these 6 that could become a 100% IV if I purify them. However I kinda decided against that, because not all of them are that useful and Shadow Pokémon are stronger attackers. So maybe I might wanna keep them like that. Although some 100% IVs could be nice too.

Purify Left.png

With all the Pokémon I had saved up to Purify I reached the Gold Purifier Medal. Which is only halfway for the Platinum Medal as that's at 1,000. You can see it here.

Gold Medal Purify.png

The last task for level 45 is to get 10 Platinum Medals. It was automatically completed because I already have enough.


I counted 13 Platinum Medals here in the screenshot above. But in fact I have way more. A few days ago a friend at a higher level showed that one of the requirement (once they have the exp) is that they need 20 Platinum Medals and they're at 19. As we know there are Medals for catching each type of Pokémon, which increase the catch rate for the specific types. Those are also taken into consideration. Which means I easily have that completed because I already have all catch-type medals at Platinum for a long time.

As it's been a little while since I reached level 44 before making the post, I have already been making good progress with the other tasks. I'll still need to defeat a lot of Grunts though to get components for Rocket Radars. Slowly I'm getting there though. I'm not in any rush for it at all.

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