Lucky 100% IV Sableye !

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Dusk settles in, slowly turning the day into night time and with it bringing out the Ghost-type Pokémon. The easily frightened should not venture too far away from the light if they don't wish to encounter any Ghost-type Pokémon. But even then, it is not as easy to avoid them as one might suspect. For these Pokémon don't fear the light that much, they just prefer the night time. Occasionally you can encounter them in the brightest times of the day as well. Especially when you have a Field Research quests that grants you a Sableye spawn as a reward for completing it.

As you know, I prefer to trade most Pokémon from quest rewards when their IVs aren't high enough. So for most of them that means anything 93% and lower I'll trade. Even 96 and 98% if I already have a 100% of them. As long as I keep my highest IVs. Well for Sableye I had not been lucky yet to encounter a wild 100% IV or hatch one. The same goes for the ones I've encountered from quests rewards so far.

I managed to trade my latest Sableye from a quest with someone else's Sableye they also got from a quest. Once the traded finalised I saw the Lucky background. Then I looked at the CP and I let out an excited "aww yeaahh" as I know a Sableye from a quest needs to have 632 CP to be a 100%, which is exactly what I saw in front of me! :D

100 IV Sableye.jpg

Have you received any 100% IVs from a trade recently or a Pokémon you were looking after?

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