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Hi steemian wherever you are always healthy and remain in the  protection of God Almighty. So stay active as usual. This afternoon I  will return to review a game played on PC that is not less interesting  than the game I've reviewed before. That is Dissidia Final Fantasy NT! Let's see how the  review!!  

A spin-off series that has tremendous appeal, there is no better sentence to describe the Dissidia series of Square Enix. How come? Meet the wildest dreams of Final Fantasy fans - one of the biggest JRPG franchises in the gaming industry, even today, is a series of games that include the characters of Final Fantasy characters, antagonists or protagonists, in the same room. Betting each other with a bandage story that fills between these two camps can be trusted, no wonder if enough gamers are waiting for the latest series - Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Wait to wait this one series, already exist in the arcade machine in Japan for a long time, before finally be enjoyed by Playstation 4 gamers in their home console.

You who have read our preview article previously have a clearer picture of what Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is. Comes with basic three-dimensional game fighting techniques in general, it still injects more complex unique functions. Something that is ready to make your eyes pay attention to more indicators. We ourselves had time to open our love to the fantastic character design, not only from the visual side, but also can the original form. Even so, it must be admitted, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is a perfect fighting game. Gamers who have never experienced the series of lights available for portable platforms, there are some things that we think are worth talking about.

So, what is true by Dissidia Final Fantasy NT? Why do we fly as games that are not designed for all gamers? This review will discuss it more deeply for you.


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT comes as a sequel series with a premise similar to the two previous Dissidia series, but with different characters. You can see how the characters of protagonists or antagonists who had fought in the previous series still recognize each other, while wondering about what underlies their return to this strange world. Some new characters also join, such as Noctis of Final Fantasy XV who is also "called" mysteriously to come into it.

So as in previous conflicts, these protagonist and antagonist characters are recalled to fight each other, but no longer by the Cosmos and Chaos, but by a new entity named Materia and Spiritus that look opposite. Materia heads the protagonist's characters, while Spiritus is on the opposite side. But unlike previous conflicts centering on the battle between light and dark, or the good against evil, there is something strange between the two conflicts. Materia does not seem to know Spiritus, and vice versa. Both only know that in order to energize the crystal that occupies each region, they must fight each other.

Fortunately, characters from both sides can see that this time conflict is different from what they know from the past. Instead of fighting against the wishes of these two innocent, innocent entities, they prefer to investigate what really happened, who is Materia and Spiritus, and why they should fight each other. What they found was quite different. That behind the conflict that seems to have happened, stored a greater threat. Threats that will make the battle between Materia and Spiritus sound like a child's toy.

So, what really happened? Who is also Materia and Spiritus? What bigger conflict threatens their world? All answers to these questions can be obtained by playing Dissidia Final Fantasy NT this.

The good news? The Ninja Team handles Dissidia Final Fantasy NT with great respect for the fans. It does not just offer visual details, from smooth-looking faces and stunning clothing details, each of these characters also comes with animated gestures and attacks, as well as personality according to the original series where they each come from. They are able to adapt these different uniqueness into the gameplay and walk so well. As an example? Squall for example, still carrying the unique system Final Fantasy 8 - Draw & Junction as one of the animated attacks. Or as another example? It's hard not to fall in love with Shantotto's superior strength, but retain his cutesy and laughing tones that are so demeaning to others. All the things fans want from this melting process are offered. They are also packed with arenas that also take on the iconic venues of Final Fantasy's main series, with a proper visualization for thumbs up.

Not enough to get there, catapult the attraction of existing fan-service, you can also open a variety of alternative costumes in the eyes of fans of Final Fantasy, will feel right and too tempting to not be pursued. There is an Ultimecia alternative costume that for example, lets you use the Edea - an iconk character from Final Fantasy VIII. Or how Squall comes with SEED's cool clothes, Cloud with SOLDIER, up to Sephiroth with an identical One-Winged Angel costume, with this revengeful antagonist character. Although these costumes do not affect the way of gameplay at all, but for fans of Final Fantasy fans like us, he was present tease. Which gamers do not want to chase the Lighting Etro's costume from the XIII-2 series when they see it?

A thumbs-up also deserves to be aimed at offering the sensation of nostalgia through the return of many original OST-OST from various series as your accompanist music when fighting. Not only carrying "old" content like this alone, the composition for some songs with the latest version is also offered with a quality that is also not less charming. OST from Battle Theme to Final Fantasy VI to One-Winged Angel Nobuo Uematsu blend can you make as a background sound to enjoy the fight there. Admittedly, the original OST for the Dissidia - Dare to Defy series also includes songs that are ready to make your hair shudder when you taste it.

Although there is an attempt to make everything meet what fans want available in Dissidia FF NT, this side of the presentation is not necessarily perfect. One of the complaints we want to raise is the Summon system that is also maintained here. Beyond the matter of his contribution in the gameplay that we will discuss later, Team Ninja handles it pretty badly. In the midst of a thrilling gameplay, while you're struggling to determine and sort out which enemy you want to attack, the presence of Summon that takes at least 10 seconds in the middle of the game for animated appearances and attacks really makes it irritating. At the beginning of the game, seeing Shiva dancing for the effects of Diamond Dust or Bahamut that emerge from the sky might be mesmerizing. However once you have fought in over 50-100 battles and have to stop fighting just to "enjoy" this skip-able animation, it begins to look like a design that is unthinkable in length.

But beyond those complaints, the presentations offered by Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo at Dissidia Final Fantasy will make this franchise fan gamers fall in love from the first sight. There is a more modern visual sensation there, but it retains the characteristic characteristics of each character, with the Team Ninja's unique "beauty" approach. There is an effort to offer the right target fan-service through bringing the original OST and a series of cosmetic costumes that can be opened. From the presentation side, this is a "wet dream" for fans of Final Fantasy.

Bravery and HP

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is certainly not the first fighting game to offer the sensation of a three-dimensional fight in a large area. This is a formula not only offered by the Dissidia series in the past, but also popularized by several Bandai Bandco projects along with CyberConnect2 over the last two generations of platforms, which are usually bound by the name of "Naruto Ultimate". However, Dissidia NT performs differently with additional mechanics that make it more complex and unique. Something that makes it no longer just a fighting game that asks you to execute a simple combination attack button, triggering an epic super-cinematic attack, and struggling to finish off the enemy's blood just like that. There is a new layer of elements that will require you to pay more attention to these indicators in Dissidia NT.

The two elements are Bravery and HP. Unlike most fighting games, attacks that you execute or enter as damage to your character, will not automatically reduce the character's HP itself - which in fact, means getting you closer to death. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT presents a new indicator named "Bravery" which is also imaged as a number that can go up or down, above your real HP bar. You can see it as the most crucial element to be mastered in this NT Final Fantasy Dissidia. Simply put, you can see it as a "damage deposit".

Your bravery will increase if you successfully attack the enemy, and also come down as soon as you are attacked. Its function at a glance the eye, it is like HP secondary to your character. But in fact, it is not so. Bravery is an indicator of damage you can throw at your enemies using a special attack called "HP Attack", with the aim of reducing their HP. HP Attack will automatically distribute all the amount of Bravery you've collected into damage to your target HP, if the attack succeeds in. If you end up attacked with a regular attack, then your Bravery count will continue to decrease, which in fact makes your HP Attack weaker and tipping useless. Collecting Bravery to make sure you can reduce enemy HP through HP Attack attacks is the main mechanism of this one game.

Uniquely, this game will also help you capture essential information about the amount of Bravery and HP Attack damage that they can generate instantly through the color indicator on the head of each character that you do not control. If you see Bravery you have raised a purple number, this means your HP Attack will kill instantly any character you target. Vice versa. If you target certain enemy characters and Bravery numbers above their heads are purple, this means their HP Attack attack will kill you instantly. When this last situation occurs, you should be aware of course while looking for the best chance to attack them, and again lower the Bravery number to a safer level.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT itself is positioned as a team battle game. It only offers 3 vs 3 concepts here, with a large playing field to facilitate fast movement or maneuvering required, for offensive or defensive action. The bad news, this means you will not be able to play it in the 1 vs 1 format, even online though. With 6 people fighting in the same arena at once, then the other thing you should think about is the subject matter. Because with two buttons that are dedicated to rapidly changing attack targets, one of the keys to victory is to ensure you are attacking the most crucial targets. You can end up fighting "males" by selecting a target and only fighting with it. But from our experience playing this game online or offline, switching targets to help your friends finish off enemies who target your friends or just help your friend beaten by the other side will be the most effective strategy. The good news? Through a blue line indicator placed above the character's head, you can see who your target is and who makes you the target.

When talking about the mechanism of gameplay, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is not a fighting game that will require you to memorize a variety of stance complicate the style of fighting game two-dimensional classic. With just a directional button and one attack button for the Bravery attack, one button for HP Attack attacks, and a combination of + key back buttons to access special attacks and EX Skill that you can choose and specify before the fight you can get involved immediately. Characters are divided into various classes, which have their own advantages and disadvantages. Most of the wizard's characters end up as fighters who rely more heavily on projectile attacks, Assassin classes that have quick attacks but small amounts of HP, or a thick and slow Vanguard, but inflict massive damage with a tough HP as well. In addition to the various buttons for attack, each character can also perform the movement of defense, evade, to run with limited stamina, either on land or air. Mobility plays a pretty important role here.

A special one, as we discussed earlier, is how Team Ninja implements the unique features of the original series of each character, and then applies it in the gameplay itself. Squall for example, can use the Draw & Junction function - which can be simplified, as an action to steal the status of the target character and then add it to its own status. But of course, Squall is not the only unique character like this. Other characters such as Noctis will automatically trigger a limit break from the FFXV version - Armiger when at a certain HP level, Zidane can activate the trance mode, Onion Knight can change jobs with different skills, and Cloud can perform charging skill attacks for more damage big. Each character has its own unique attack characteristics that need, a further learning process to learn.

Then we arrive at the first problem of Final Fantasy NT Dissidia itself - the lack of information about what you can / can not do with a specific character. Because regardless of the fact that you only need to press a combination of direction and one button to access most of the existing Bravery attacks, you will end up confused when it finds that the same button tipped produces a different attack variant. Failure to offer a complete Movelist in the game, an intensive training mode for each character to help you master it, or simply to explain what is special about each character making a newly started gamer, will feel confused. Just as it happened to us. For example, when we play Shantotto. We just found out that the cool character of Final Fantasy XI turned out to have a different attack mode when in critical HP condition after intending to read the official guide that "strangely", only released Square Enix via Dissidia's official website itself. Why not apply it directly in gameplay? I wish we had a definite answer.

Not just fighting each other, there is another effective strategy that will help you lock in victory more easily. True, with the "chase" Summon. As you find in Final Fantasy games in general, Summon being summoned to the arena will continue to bombard your enemies with areas of attack that are hard to avoid. Although it will not affect their HP at all, the presence of Summon will help you reduce the amount of Bravery owned by each enemy, as well as lock the enemy to make it easier for you to attack, which of course increases your Bravery count. Each summon will have its own kind of attack, such as Shiva that will fill the arena with ice balls ready to freeze enemy characters that accidentally pass through, or Bahamut that will continue to shoot them with a laser from the sky. Summon can be called as a specific full white bar, which you can speed up by hitting a white crystal that will randomly appear in the arena. The process of summoning takes time and can be canceled with an attack by the opponent.

Although on paper it feels like a simple three-dimensional fighting game, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT has its own complex system. It does not require you to memorize the way of expelling, for example, but since each character comes with different attack patterns and movelist, it takes more understanding and learning to understand what they can / can not do, and learn the best position to attack or survive. The rest is learning the targeting process to make sure you are making a significant contribution to the team battle.

Unfortunately, The Online Is Not Exciting!

With all the content that it offers, especially with a lootbox system containing cosmetic items or a money system inside the game that can be used to shop different costumes for your character, you might think that Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is a fighting game that makes online as a gaming experience the main. Fighting and working with 2 other players who need mastery of characters deep enough to show stunning action against three other users, with the opportunity to showcase your own cosmetic items, online will ensure this game lasts for a long time. But the bad news? Not so.

There are some problems that make the Online mode of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT actually become one of the source of complaints and problems in our eyes. First, the nature of the server is P2P and does not have a dedicated server. This means, it carries a variety of problems that are often encountered with servers that use this design. Relying on the PS4's internet connection to host the battle, the stability of your online experience will be largely determined by the internet connection of other gamers who are in the same room. With at least 6 people in the same room, a few technical problems will instantly disrupt the battle you are enjoying. The fight can be slow, full of lagging, and disconnected if one gamer is not supported with a reliable internet connection. The good news? Playing it for at least the past week still shows the lack of a case like this. But if you have to reflect on the experience of other competitors products, P2P is a format that can end up messing up the existing experience.

The second problem that weird enough? Rewards are not worth it. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT can be played offline or online. If you choose offline, then like arcade mode in fighting games in general, you will fight against teams created from 3 character sets for 6 stages. During the process you can choose a team with a higher difficulty level. The higher the difficulty level, the greater the rewards you get, plus the milestone feature that contains the "free" rewards you'll collect if you manage to accumulate a certain number of scores. If you do everything right with the middle difficulty level - "Gold", you can end up with extra thousands of dollars, a rise in character level, an increase in profile level, as well as a milestone-shaped lootbox at least two. Given the character's level and the profile level also determines the various features, attack strokes, and cosmetic items such as dialogs or icons you can open, playing at least one offline mode from start to finish will feel satisfying from the reward side.

The problem arises because the online mode is not at all running in proportion to the reward side. In the beginning, you should be greeted by the fact that the process of waiting for matchmaking is completed, which in fact asks you to wait for two other users, definitely longer than playing this game in offline mode - which will take you directly to the fight screen. After fighting in an online mode that is also full of uncertainties given the nature of its P2P connection, you certainly have to admit the fact that it could be that you will be involved in a fight that takes longer than offline mode itself. More adaptive human thinking and strategy, of course, can end more difficult. After dealing with all this trouble, what do you get? Rewards are not at all comparable.

Winning an online battle turns out to end up giving you a reward far below the rewards offered by the offline mode itself. You will only get gil totaling under 300 Gil / battle, little EXP for character and profile, and now - without a milestone system that potentially rewards you extra lootboxes if successfully achieved. The reward you get will feel small and not worth the time you've invested. The result? It is increasingly lacking the motivation to enjoy "online gameplay" against these other users. For what you spend more time for a not always steady gaming sensation to get smaller rewards, if you can get better, faster, more, more valuable by playing offline mode. This is of course, a strange approach, making the Online mode of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT not look at all attractive.

Of all the weaknesses seen in the game Ninja Team's concoction of fighting, online mode is not interesting, in our opinion is a priority that must be resolved. It takes the process of calculating the appropriate rewards to make gamers interested in spending time in online mode, whether in win or lose conditions. Because inevitably it must be admitted, once the story mode has been completed, the only way to keep the "community" game fighting active is to push the existing online mode. Moreover, the rewards he offers are also associated with the existing story mode.


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT also carries a unique story mode. If we talk about this one mode in other fighting games, then our minds will probably lead to at least one of two variants that seem to be often offered. The first version is an arcade-like mode of story, where the ending of the story will depend on the character you use to solve it, a more classical approach. While the second variant is a super cinematic approach, where the story is presented like a movie. This kind of fighting game usually has one definitive ending right from the start, and the characters you can use are nothing more than what is determined from within the story itself. If you have to choose one, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is the second group.

That Dissidia Final Fantasy NT offers a predetermined story line, but with a choice gimmick where you can choose different story lines that move in the same direction. Branches of the story to provide different perspectives but with a similar reddish one is rooted in the fact that the characters of the protagonists in action, as we spoke at the beginning, decided to disperse in order to find out for sure what really happened with the conflict between Materia and Spiritus . In story mode divided into these little points will contain the cut-scene of the story and of course, the fight in it. In fact, there will be battles against giant bosses that will remind you like a Raid mode in the MMORPG game. Battles that need strategy beyond just beat them blindly.

What is unique is a system where you can not just pick the point of the story you want to play just like that and complete the mode of this story directly. Each point that contains a cut-scene to push the story progress requires a resource called Memoria. The only way to get a Memoria is to raise the profile level, which in fact earns some EXP, every time you successfully complete the fight offline or online. Getting one level profile means getting an extra Memoria later, you can distribute to open the dots of the story. It takes about a dozen to finish the story line from start to finish, at least in one story branch only.

The good news? It's not hard to raise this profile level and get the Memoria you need to complete the story mode. As we mentioned before, fighting offline and online will definitely end up giving you some EXP, meanng or lose. So as we discussed earlier, with a more valuable reward in offline mode, the most effective way to solve the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT story mode is to complete the existing battle ranks. So important is the EXP for this profile mode, until it becomes one of the reasons too, why the Dissidia NT online mode ends up not worth trying out.

So from every point in this story, you will get a cut-scene that is fortunately, interesting to enjoy. We would rather recommend to enjoy the story by using Japanese dub than English, considering the portrait of characters that we think are much more suited to using that language. Although the dialogue in the English format is not so bad, but Japan is still the best. One of the best news? Progress your game, from cosmetic items you have purchased, set EX Skills that have been open and can be applied to the character, until the level of each character is now flavored with different types of attacks you can use instantly also in the mode of this story. Although you can not choose characters freely and more flowing along with what the existing side of the story offers, you always have a chance to reinforce those characters outside Story mode, to simplify and strengthen them when used in Story mode. Like the concept of grinding levels or items in classic JRPG games, including Final Fantasy.

Unlike most fighting games, this concept is quite successful in our eyes. At least for gamers who love only the offline mode only, such a concept encourages them to try out the arcade mode and enjoy the real Dissidia Final Fantasy NT sensation there. Fight against computers with varying degrees of difficulty, tested the more intense 3vs3 battle format, gained more insight into how mechanics work, this concept as far as we feel, positively contributes. This sensation is also supported with the ease of getting an EXP that is not forced to end up being a game full of other grinding sensations.

A movie in the genre of fighting, usually offered to "just" build the atmosphere or play a super cool OST at the beginning or end of the game. One of the reasons we created this session for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT because of one simple motivation - sharing with you, one of the best CGI video game movies we've ever found in any video game. A movie ready to make Final Fantasy fans wherever they are, falling in love from the first sight.

You can enjoy it through the video that we include below, which of course contains a large spoiler in it. The privilege of the CGI film that finally unlocks the mystery of who the real antagonist in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is fantastic. We can see what kind of battle with beautiful effects when the iconic characters of Final Fantasy, both protagonists and antagonists fight each other by using their different abilities and skills. More cool? You can see the collaboration created, where they do not just fight alone. Small moments like when Noctis took a Lighting sword that bounced away after trying to fend off attacks from Sephiroth, fighting shoulder to shoulder for example, seemed special. Or how Squall with his gunblade, fighting furiously against Tidus-Jecht's father. Everything is wrapped with OST that makes this essentially epic atmosphere, much more epic than ever.

So with all these charms, a 4 minute battle with a mesmerizing soundtrack and fantastic action animation is poised to become a "wet dream" for any Final Fantasy fan, any series, worldwide. Like seeing a short film that you never knew you wanted, and ending up burning in the brain as one of the best video game movies you'll ever see in your lifetime. Holy ..


With all the attractions Square Enix offers, Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, it's hard not to call this game a market that has a specific target market - those who grew up with Final Fantasy any series or those who could familiar with the series Dissidia in the past itself. So far, the execution of various aspects will indeed fulfill what they want and need. Pampered view of the characters, fan-service with the choice of targeted costumes, original OST and remix included, the battle arena that comes in various iconic franchise locations, charming Japanese dubs, to how the various characteristics of each different series end up adapted sweet inside the gameplay . Everything is presented in an easy-to-taste fighting game as long as you understand the base of the system itself. Coupled with one of the best CGIs ever? A wet dream for fans of Final Fantasy itself.

But the problems that exist also make it appear not perfect. First, its status as a competitive fighting game that is not too solid. The lack of tutorials and ways to help you understand and master a specific specific character becomes early, beyond the game system itself. A 3 vs 3 fight in an attack format filled with particle effects here and there can end up confusing, especially when a summon appears on the surface. The fact that there is no strong motivation to jump into online mode and actively hone skills there also contributes to the lack of a competitive atmosphere. Because believe it or not, when we write this review, we still see Dissidia Final Fantasy NT as a game that focuses more on single-player mode, rather than multiplayer itself.

So obviously, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is not a fighting game for everyone. That the only group who can ignore so many weaknesses in terms of gameplay design that he offers, is only us, who did grow up with the Final Fantasy series itself. That the focus is not on the effort to enjoy it as an exciting and exciting competitive fighting game, but rather a fan-service that allows you to bring together Final Fantasy characters in the same room, see them fight each other, and enjoy how their uniqueness still maintained there. While for those looking for a quality fighting game might end up, disappointed.


  • Typical character design Team Ninja "beautiful".
  • The unique unique identity of each character is adapted to the gameplay.
  • Fantastic OST.
  • Alternate costumes come from the most important designs.
  • Loading one of the best CGI movies we've ever seen from a video game.
  • Lootbox contains only cosmetic items.
  • Offline mode offers decent rewards and is relatively generous.
  • The story mode is handled quite uniquely.
  • Grinding process for various resources does not feel tiring.
  • Materia


  • The online mode is not at all attractive.
  • There is no tutorial mode per character for deeper mastery.
  • Animation Summon presence is often disturbing.
  • The visual effects are so crowded that it's hard to tell what's going on.
  • The boss fight can end up very unbalanced.
  • Vaan


Developer: Team Ninja


Square Enix

Koei Tecmo

Director: Takeo Kujiraoka

Producer: Ichiro Hazama

Yosuke Hayashi


Kazushige Nojima

Saori Itamuro


Takeharu Ishimoto

Keiji Kawamori

Tsuyoshi Sekito

Series Final Fantasy

Platform: Arcade, PlayStation 4

Release Arcade

JP: November 26, 2015

PlayStation 4

JP: January 11, 2018

WW: January 30, 2018

Genre: Action role-playing, fighting

Mode: Single-player, multiplayer.

Written by: @anwarunsam

Langsa, Aceh, Indonesia, 19 Februari 2018 

Source 1 and 2

Thank You I Speak to the Steemit Community of Indonesia Specifically to Curator @aiqabrago and @levycore, and Curator Gaming@jodipamungkas who has supported me to be able to channel my hobby to my friends Steemian in Indonesia.





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