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RE: Interesting People #25: Kevin Ryan on The Incredible Machine

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What a great article, that must have taken forever. Iove all the original drawings and illustrations. So cool


Hey -thanks a lot. Well, we spoke for about 40 minutes, then it was a good few hours of transcribing, finding appropriate images, cropping the design docs Kevin sent through, then laying it out in the Steemit editor. All in, more than worth it. Really enjoyed putting this one together.

It shows, even down to giving people an estimated reading time. I followed Kevin's website and his blog from this article. Such a cool guy, I find him really inspiring. He did a blog post about building a coffin for his twins that is just heartbreaking. As a parent I can't begin to imagine that loss. I've lost other family members (parents) but to lose a kid would be more than I think I could endure. We always see successful people in one way, but usually there's a much deeper story and they are the people they've become because of the adversity they faced. This is why Steemit is so great I would have never read his story in such detail anywhere else, and it's given me a lot of perspective about things I want to start doing better. Thank you for the time you put into creating it.

Awesome comment! You're really welcome. It's replies like this that make it more than worth it. Thanks very much. Please resteem and share if you have not already. I'll also send him a direct link to your comment. Thanks a lot @angusg, really appreciate it.

I just checked and definitely already re-steemed!

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