What do we learn from "Eco rounds"

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While majority of people reading this are familiar with term "Eco round", I feel obligated to elaborate for people who aren't. Eco round is a gaming term, typically used in competitive Counter Strike matches. It's a money saving strategy, where team decides to sacrifice a round in order to dramatically improve chances for subsequent rounds. 

Without further ado, I don't want to talk about strategy part, and will mention the game as little as possible. My intention is to  reveal interesting subjective insight. Because games teach us about life all the time, but we aren't paying attention. 

When Eco round starts, we can buy stuff, but we don't. That is first fundamental lesson. We should plan several steps ahead, which is crucial approach for any kind of success. For next two minutes we are at great disadvantage, having no rifles, kevlar, grenades, equipement. Opponents have everything. Getting us to fundamental lesson number two : life isn't fair. We feel it everyday. We notice inequity, and how life can be harsh. One must learn to keep frustration out of it, and don't get stuck into analyzing it too much. Working on yourself, and making sure you never give up, will take you far. Which gets us to lesson number 3 : even with odds stacked up against us we can win. It's quite common occurrence to win an Eco round. 

Necessity feeds creativity. Everybody can identify with this. In moments of greatest despair, people are ready to risk, to try things and exit their comfort zone. From game perspective, players know that playing safe, expected route will not yield results, so they improvise. Round is already lost in advance, and without any pressure or expectation holding them down, critical success is quite possible. It's a paradox. Combination of opponents letting their guard down, and teammates originality, makes improbable outcomes a reality.

If you ever feel your life is just another "Eco round" , embrace it. Play your shitty hand like a boss. You'll be surprised how often it's not about hand dealt, but player playing it. Make good things happen. Don't be that guy who gives up during freeze time. And remember, Eco is just a phase, it will pass, and forge good habits for later. Even if it doesn't, you get to see positive effects of resisiting impulsive purchase.

Bonus videos from Sparkle's YT channel:

Thanks for reading, and i hope you enjoyed videos of these pro players as much as i did. Stay tuned, and happy fragging!

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"eco round"

actually just force and rush bee every rounds its easy smh


That's the beauty of the game. Simple ruleset and high skill cap. You can make it as simple or complicated as you want it to be :)

Just default and rush b works every time silver strategies haha.
Awesome read man


Doesn't work If you get сука блять team :)


This is tru but still just remind yourself you only live once and just rush it

I have never encountered the concept before, but it makes perfect sense to me. (Then again, I have not played Counter Strike much)

Have to sacrifice and invest to get returns am I right,?


Well that is true in a way. In CS, its more like not spreading resources too thin, and losing every round by small margin as a consequence.