Let's Make a Level for Duke Nukem 3D, Part 30

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Last time we completed the spacecraft that the player will escape in. But there was no interior! Now that's been taken care of, it's time to do some interior decorating. Wouldn't it be a disappointment after all, if you started out inside a spaceship at the beginning of the level, but could not enter the spaceship at the end of the level?

For that to work, we'll once again need a duplicate spacecraft and the area around it. This way when the player looks out the cockpit, or windows in the sides, he will still be able to see the area he came from before he entered the spaceship.

The cockpit is looking terrible. I still haven't decided what I want the control panel to look like. It should look sufficiently alien, as this is an alien ship. I don't want it to look too similar to the spaceship the player arrives in.

There, I guess that will do for now. Other parts of the ship need my attention at the moment, like the area the player rises up into on that elevator platform.

How's that? It follows the shape of the hull as seen from the outside, conforming to the player's expectations. There are two windows as I mentioned before, through which more of the surrounding landscape can be seen.

How about some seats? I'm building the ship under the assumption that it's like a flying APC, so it carries troops. Probably those jetpack lizard troopers.

More seats, then! Haha yessss, more seats. This is the rear of the main interior area. I haven't figured out how lighting is going to work in here yet on account of all the sloped surfaces.

Here it is ingame, with the pretty high resolution textures and everything. Still needs some work, but I'm satisfied that it's coming along well. This is the last part of the level, soon we'll finally be finished!

Stay Cozy!


Designing the interior of the spaceship. No big a deal for you, you are a champion. And yes he must be able to see where he came from through the windows. Looking forward to Duke Nukem 3D

But, what about the most important part of the ship? You know, the space toilet. We need to make sure we have solid gold toilets with $20 bill toilet paper.

Now that's been taken care of, it's time to do some interior decorating.

Things are looking really great. It’s shaping very well. I’m so surprised! I’m excited to see it finished.

I'm so childish, laughing at the word cock-pit! :D
Pit made by a cock! And there is a penis drawn on the map, coincidence?
I don't think so!

I hope you've prepared a seat for me too, I'm ready for an adventure :d

I must say this is the most advanced game of the century, you know what? How about draw out a map and plan on how you want the cockpit to look like?

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This is great finished. but miss that gamming part. the design & editing you create is too good. but today final day. another one start now?

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Just look how far we've come to this...
Good job Alex.Pretty awesome designs

my input in your group..pliss

The game is nicely mapped out and the editing you have been doing is great. And i cant wait for this level to be finished

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I think it looks so much better than the previous post to see it and it attracts us!

Can i get a link to download this game? @alexbeyman

I had time without pass here wow i can remember when you started with just a cage and some lights and now you have a level perfectly well made :). Regards

You are really dedicated to this, you have spend a lot of time with this, dedication and hard work are key to sucess, and the success isn't that far from your door

Penis has got erected.in this one lol

Great work man... I can imagine it getting shaped up... Looking forward to it..

For now you can continue with the ideas. Aesthetics can be taken care of even at a lster stage...

Man you have created a nice game.When you will finish your game it will be fun to play.Waiting for your finishing the game.@upvoted

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you created this game so well. the content was too good. the all thing mapping level changing editing designing make this game so well. you still work for that for better result. keep it up.