30XX: The Sequel to the Rouge-like MegaMan X Inspired Game

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Few years ago, 20XX was released. It was a game that combines the gameplay of Mega Man X with rouge-like elements for infinite replayability. The game also featured Local and Online Co-op modes for players to play with friends.

You can play 20XX on Steam now!
It is a true love letter to the Mega Man X classics!


The game saw a success since its release and became a fan favorite. Now a sequel for this game was announced!

30XX takes everything that was established in 20XX and improves on it. The playable characters will return but they will have completely new movesets! The Co-op mode will return as well.

There will be eight new worlds and eight new Guardians who will take the role of bosses!

The artist of Rouge Galaxy was brought up to create the art for 30XX and make it closer to Mega Man X feel than the older game which had it's own style which resembles comics.

You can watch the trailer below:

One of the reasons I could beat MegaMan/X levels was because they were the same and I relied on memoraization. 20XX and 30XX can't be played this way because the levels are different every time (rouge-like elements.) They most likely require a lot of skill from the player. Maybe I'll try them on sale.

30XX is going to be released on Steam and Consoles sometime in 2021. The original 20XX can be played right now on PC, PS4, XBox One and Switch!

What do you think?

Image is taken from the game's creator's Twitter account.

20XX is good but the art style doesn't fit with the MMX theme. 30XX however feels visually perfect. The way level styles are much more different from each other is another huge plus!

Yeah, they hired a new artist for the style change!