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Hello Steemit I'm Agent RMars

Comander of my vessel and an Agent of Mars

RMars Loves Cryptos Ep1

Aug 19 3303(2017 on Earth)

Bitconnect QT wallet(to store and stake your BCC, more profit)
BitConnect QT Wallet

How about a wallet and Exchange All-in-One
$10 bonus with your 1st $100 when buy/sell

PIE Coin
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Sorry I'm not a full-time pilot never know when I can stream Live.
I've been a full-time Uber in Las Vegas for over a year.
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There's space, mining in space, space craft,
land craft, lazers, pirates after my minerals, music
and lots of Beautiful thing to discover.
I would Love if you came and Joined me on my
Adventure from Time to Time
and Chat It helps build up both your sparks and my Sparks(wish sparks were worth as much as Steem)
You can do it Free on Mixer.com

Join Agents of Mars
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