DLIVE STREAM: WinD of AE ( @aewind ) - Quake Champions - 12/13/18 - #1 QC Player in NA (HOT ROCKETS + HOT ROCKETS TDM!) 7 days until Battle Pass & CTF Launch! *EDIT: VOD added!

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  • edit: Added Dlive VOD below.

DLIVE VOD: https://dlive.tv/p/aewind+waGIUsEiR

DLIVE STREAM: http://www.dlive.tv/aewind

Following me on DLIVE would be of enormous aid! I would love to become a verified partner, having closed my partnered twitch back when dlive was still on the #steemit chain. Since going to #lino it's been a rollercoaster with far less concurrent viewers... Anyway:

THE HIGHEST SKILL CEILING IN ANY FPS - Watch and take in the frags, skills and Rocket Jumps.

  • WinD of AE ( @aewind ) - Quake Champions - 12/13/18 - #1 QC Player in NA (HOT ROCKETS + HOT ROCKETS TDM!) 7 days until Battle Pass & CTF Launch!

(Quake Champions Alias: Good Vibrations )

I'm picking up Good Vibrations, She's giving me the excitations!

Watch @aewind Play Quake Champions NOW 😎

Once again due to not having any sort of embedding that I know of... you can watch the stream below

  • Special Thanks to the content creators below:

Thank You so much for the support!

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Upvote if you would like, Resteeming is even kinder of a gesture and is greatly appreciated.

  • Drop a follow on DLIVE as I am struggling to get to Partnership despite closing a Partnered Twitch for Dlive...

  • leave a comment during the stream or on this @steemit post if you see any moments of my gameplay which you consider to be note-worthy. Thank You!



not played quake in years... brings back some awesome memories.

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you should search Quake Champions on steam and try it out. @aewind gives lessons on Gamer Sensei, On his business website and on Steemit for 9 SBD per Hour. He's been ranked #1 on the North American ESL ladder for over a year straight. He is one of the most incredible players I have watched and played against / with in pick up games. @techmojo @aewind @liquiddahang (Dahang is part of the best 2v2 Quake Champions team in North America)

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looking forward to it!

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