Use of numbers in Game Development

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Hello steem, Adam here,
I’m starting a new blog series called Use of numbers in Game Development hope you’ll enjoy it

Part 1

We all hate maths.
We all studied maths since we came into this world, in schools, in colleges, almost everywhere. When we were small, maths was pretty simple and easy to understand but as we progressed more and more, maths started to get very abstract. It got abstract till such a point that we forgot what it is used for and how can we use it for real life situations. Most of the maths we use in real life is pretty simple like addition and multiplation, so you might think, that how the fuck would I use stuff like derivatives, integration, logarithm in my life. That’s what I am here to show you, I’ll show you how Mathematics is used in Game Development

Games = Maths.
We all here love playing games, right? , if you don’t then what are you doing here? LOL never mind, so do you ever wonder how the characters move in the space or what says how fast the bullet travels towards your target. Its all maths buddy, its all maths. There are specific formulas defining everything that is in the game, yeh even when you teabag noobs. You might be feeling a bit overwhelmed right now reading all this, but don’t worry maths is not confusing at all when you see a real application, it will just make a lot of sense. Without further ado lets see something interesting.

The Problem.
Okay, this is what we will try to do, we will make a very simple top down zombie shooter game, in which we stand in the centre and shoot of zombie coming from any angle. What we will try to do is, we will make it such that as we kill more and more zombies, their spawn rate will increase, we will make the zombie spawn rate increase exponentially, so for that we will use exponential growth formula, If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry I will explain you everything in detail in coming parts and still if you don’t understand you can comment down below.

Thanks for reading my post guys, follow me to stay tuned for upcoming parts, and don’t forget to press the like button. I’ll see you guys later.

Squad fam out.


We had a task today in school in maths class to calculate the speed of a bullet in a game and when it would hit the ground. All with linear algebra. What a coincidence :)

lol, nice good to know there are game devs on steemit :D

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