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RE: Bitcoin Not First Digital Currency I Profited From

in #gaming4 years ago

I enjoyed your trip down memory lane, even though I didn't play this game. It sounds a bit like Second Life crossed with games I loved to spend months of time playing - Wing Commander, X3, and the Elite series.

Oh to be a teenager again with hours of the day spare!



I think this came out a month or two before Second Life. I also played that a little bit. Maybe two years ago I finally gave Second Life a try. I did a little finishing but never felt like investing money in. It was just never the same.

I been on the hunt for a while now to find a game with a mining system I can just enjoy. I really loved just dropping probes searching for ores and mining up claims. I had a friend who was heavily into crafting so i use to sell everything to him at a discount and in return he sells things to me cheap. That also cut down on auction house prices.

I kind of hope cryptocurrency creates some real cash economy games out of it. Something a little more complex then just breeding pets and paying absorbent amounts to do so. Just getting in on a couple of those early enough can be rather financially rewarding. Even more so if they off some freebies to get started.

We'll have to see re: decent crypto games, although I don't think I have the time to invest these days!

Elite 2: Dangerous and Steem/it, keeping me busy though!