Farcry primal review

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Farcry Primal Review.

Hi Steemers,
This is my first attempt at writing up my very
own game review. Today I will be covering Farcry Primal. What drew me to this game was the fact that it is set in 10,000 bc and there was a mammoth on the cover (I am very easily swayed). I have enjoyed the previous Farcry games and had an inkling that this one would be worth playing. I was correct in my assumption.


Don’t get me wrong, Farcry had flaws but all in all it was an enjoyable experience. The cinematic vision of a prehistoric landscape, silhouetted by large mammoths and stunning scenery is what greets you as you begin your journey across the land of Oros. Only to quickly realise that everything wants to kill and or eat you. Quickly you are thrown into survival mode and scampering just to stay alive, you continue to be in that state for most of the game but I believe it sets up the story perfectly. A young pre historic superhero is basically what you are asked to be and with the help of some select rescued friends, that is what you become.


Basically, there are threats everywhere in this world. It could be a sabretooth tiger trying to rip your face of, or a mammoth that you looked at wrong. The main threat comes from the two main clans In Oros. One is a flesh eating violent bunch and their main aim in life is to kill and eat you. The other is a bunch of pyromaniacs that believe in burning everything to the ground. So all in all your facing fairly bad odds. Along with the wolves, snakes, sabretooth tigers, bears, lions, leopards and badgers, it is a very dangerous place to live. Luckily shortly after starting the game you establish a home base and fan out from there, giving you somewhere safe to lay your head.

Scattered around the whole map is a series of “campfires” that once controlled act as fast travel points. This is a cool feature as it makes travelling around much easier.

Scavenging is a huge part of this game. Stone, Timber, Shard, Flowers, Meat and animal skins are used for everything. Upgrades to weapons, Upgrades to base camp, upgrades to upgrades, making new weapons. Absolutely everything that happens in this game requires some sort of scavenging. Now in saying that it is quite easy to scavenge. Everywhere you go there is the opportunity to gather and collect, the hard part is having enough of everything at one time.


I personally did not think there would be much variety in the weapons going into this game, I was right. There are only 3 basic weapons to choose from as primaries. Spear, club or bow. Now in saying that there are upgrades that can be implemented and also different types of the same weapon, leaving it open to choice rather than just being stuck clubbing everything to death. The secondary weapons are what surprised me the most, the choice of throwing a shard of stone at someone’s head, or smashing a cluster of bees in there face made the combat very enjoyable. From hitting them with a berserker shard causing them to turn on their friends or burning everything down, the choice on how to attack was ultimately left up to what secondary, or throwing weapon you want to use at the time.

Taming animals to help fight with you was a cool future. Basically, you unlock the right to tame it, throw bait at it, pat its head and it's yours. I was a little disappointed in how easy it was to tame an animal but shortly moved on when I was ordering my sabre tooth tiger to tear into people. The way you use an animal greatly changes the way a battle can unfold. On multiple occasions, my bear would alert the enemy of our presence because he would decide to stand in the open for no reason and I would have to start clubbing everything to death. Usually dying in the process.

The voice acting, for the most part was excellent. Obviously, nothing was in English but you believe the struggle and you empathise with the characters. In my opinion, the voicing of a game can make or break it, this one hit the mark.


The biggest downside to this game was the small details. Things like, at night time there are about one thousand wolves that you have to deal with. Always running into the enemy even in safe zones. The fact that my bear kept running in front of me so I could not see anything. Just the small things.

So in conclusion, I really did enjoy this game. The fact that one minute you are spearing a flesh eating cave man, next you are setting a mammoth on fire for killing you Sabretooth. This game keeps you busy for hours. With tonnes of side missions and extra content, you could dodge badgers and bears all day. The game does get quite repetitive but there is enough variety to keep you interested and keen. I would strongly recommend this game to people who love a good deer hunt through Crocodile infested swamps while being chased by men who want to sacrifice you to their sun god. It is super violent, super fun and all in all a very good game.

I give it 3.5 flesh eating sun gods out of 5


Wombat out.

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wait....wait....you can tame the animals???? ok, I think I will finally buy this game

absolutly. and you get a pet owl haha

Nice review man, well written and very informational :)

Great post! Would you mind if I included it in today's "best of gaming"?

Absolutly, go for it mate. 😁😁 and thanks for reading 🤙🤙

Good review. Have you considered giving Horizon Zero Dawn a go?

cant say i have. i will look into though. thanks for reading mate. 🤙

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thankyou 😁😁

Very nicely written mate. I haven't yet played it but was thinking of picking up the ps4 version.

Thankyou very much.