5 Hardest Undertale Boss Battles

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Well, I am back for another gaming blog post, I present to you. 5 Of the hardest Undertale boss fights, these fights are hard in my opinion. And this will have spoilers, so if you have not played or seen the game, I advise you to leave.

  1. Sans
    number 1.jpg
    Now Sans is the hardest boss in the whole game. You fight him when you do a genocide run, and he inflicts poison damage when you get hit. And there are no invincibility frames, you will continue to take damage. hell, I still can't beat this mofo. And its been a flipping month! I feel that you are the boss, because Sans is avenging everyone you killed, And he is trying to stop you. Beware, if you spare him, well, you will get dunked on. So head my warning and DO NOT spare him.

  2. Undyne The Undying number 2.jpg
    Now, Undyne is twice as harder in genocide than in neutral/pacifist run. Monster kid will attempt to stop you, and right when you hit him, Undyne comes in and takes massive damage, she manages to survive the blow she took. And turns into Undyne the Undying. Now this fight will have you yelling and cursing. Same ordeal with Sans, you are the boss, Undyne is trying to stop you, she is the undergrounds only hope. When you kill her, Alphys will start evacuating everyone in the Hotland/Core. This mode scares me, as people are scared to death of you.

  3. Toriel
    number 3.jpg
    Now you maybe asking how is Toriel hard? Well, for a new player, she can be. Toriel is trying to stop you, because she knows every human that fell into the underground ended up getting killed. Now, when you try to spare her, she will say "..."
    now someone who has no idea how this game works may think sparing her is not working and proceed to kill her. Or they think they have to lower her health and then spare her, and she takes more damage than expected. Feeling guilty, the player will re-load the game. But this game is not like others, it remembers what you did.
    If you need help sparing Toriel, watch one of my walkthroughs

  • Omega Flowey
    number 4.jpg
    Now you maybe be thinking that this is not Undertale anymore, I have the same thoughts. When Omega Flowey is revealed. The games doesn't give you time to respond. And Flowey starts throwing stuff at you. A real "wft" moment, right?
    Who ever made this boss must of been high, they need to lay off the beer, for real.

    1. Asgore
      number 5.jpg
      Now, this fight can be difficult, for one, Asgore smashes the mercy button. And his attacks are upgrades from Toriels. Seems like he doesn't want to kill you, but has no choice, you must fight him. And he deals a great amount of damage. How ever, the fight can be easy if you save the butterscotch pie that Toriel made you, that will lower his attack and defense, and you can also talk to him 3 times to also lower his attack and defense. If you are playing a neutral run, you cannot talk to him. So I hope you saved the pie. It took me 3 tries to beat him in my walk though

    well that's all I have, what boss is hard to you? Tell me in the comments down below. upvote and follow me if you like my posts.


    Even harder if you try to spare the boss in pacific run (or neutral but only kill some monster/boss) while evade the attack.



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