The founder of BitGo, Will O’Brien has joined GXC as an advisor

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Will O’Brien, founder and former CEO of BitGo (provides bitcoin wallet service), has decided to become a GXC’s advisor. According to GXC, Will is a Harvard graduate in Computer Science and he has received MBA from MIT Sloan.

After he founded BitGo, he became a partner of Blockchain Capital, a blockchain investment company.

GXC stated that “Will O’Brien is a veteran who has sold Big Fish Games for about 1 trillion won (USD885M) in the past, and so his joining is expected to bring synergy to GXC.” Furthermore, “His close relationship with EOS Foundation would help GXC to gain global presence” according to GXC.
GXC’s blockchain platform, developed based on EOS open sources, is optimized for cryptocurrencies used on game platforms. GXC is aimed to build such platform by growing alliance with game companies. For this reason, GXC has signed MOU with game companies including NEOWIZBLESS and XLGames.
GXC’s target is to become a key currency in games

With team members having background experiences in FinTech and game industry, GXC is leading a project to create a key currency in the world of games. Unlike digital “Cat” assets trading game called CryptoKitties, and other projects that gives cryptocoins in return for data, GXC’s platform aims to support the game companies to provide their own tokens for marketing reasons.


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