Second Technical Progress Report

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Second Technical Progress Report
Thanks for being patient with our progress update. Here’s the second progress report from the GameXCoin’s Development team!

  1. Beta-testnet
    Before launching the mainnet, GameXCoin currently running the beta-testnet. We are testing special features such as issuing and transferring low-cost tokens, and escrow system. Test is being done through various case simulations that could happen in real mainnet.

  2. Prep for EOSID launch
    As previously announced, EOSID a reference product for GameXCoin Wallet is released for internal use. Besides its major task of managing accounts as part of EOS wallet, providing permission to requests from game developers are included. For public release, we looking at next week Thursday.

  3. SDK development status and its release
    UNITY SDK is being developed for internal release, and based on this, we are at the final stage to connect between game, closed testnet, and GXCID. The next step is to release the SDK to the game developers and we are also expecting to produce the software development document.


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