GameXCoin, presale with LATOKEN, reaching out to European market!

in #gamexcoin4 years ago

GameXCoin (GXC) has recently launched global presale with LATOKEN exchange, so feel free to join the sale and receive GXC coins! LATOKEN exchange focusing on liquidity for new tokens is growing rapidly, and it is GameXCoin’s opportunity to spread its sales coverage since the exchange is based in Europe. LATOKEN is well within top 40 exchanges worldwide with trade volume, as ranked by CoinMarketCap.


Feel free to take a look at GXC sale at LATOKEN:

GameXCoin’s blockchain platform is optimized for cryptocurrencies used on game platforms. GXC is aimed to build such platform by growing alliance with game developers, and GXC becomes a key currency among the games. GXC’s platform aims to support the game developers to provide their own tokens for marketing means.

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