Feudal Kingdoms - Dev Diary #5 - Agents

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Next update about our current game project. hooray

This time, I want to show you our approach on Agents.
representation of city development

What are "Agents" ?

Agents are basically named characters that can move across the map and fulfill various tasks on their own OR support an army if joing one.

In general, we have 4 different agent types. The Nobelsman, The Diplomat, The Spy and The Assassin.

What can "Agents" do?

Agents will share the same base of skills. This skill include minor bonuses on various settlement stats like the citizens' satisfaction oder public order.
On top of that each agent type will have an unique skill tree to improve their specific skill set like assassination or diplomacy


The Nobleman

The nobleman is the allrounder of your kingdom and especially suitable to be placed as governor in your towns.
He will also be able to lead an army to victory by giving bonus to the moral and power stats of the army.

The Diplomat

This characters main task is to create bonds with other kingdoms or to intimade them and force them to follow you.
Diplomats are also usefull in your settlments since the increase public order. Then also can increase the income from trade agreements with other kingdoms.

visual representation of agents on the map

The Spy

Spies are masters of deception. Giving you more information about the enemies army or research.
Adding a spy to your army will give a slight advantage in battle by spying on enemies strategies in combat.

The Assassin

A true master of murder. Assasinating enemy agents or even trying to collapse the public order in enemy settlements is something you should not miss.
Even as part of an army his combat stats are great, increasing the moral of allied forces in the field.

That's all for now.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to use the comment section below.
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The agents can be compared to the heroes in total war games, right?

The agents can be
Compared to the heroes in
Total war games, right?

                 - pasle

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Yes, exactly

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