Final Fantasy Chronicles on Gamecube

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It was the Gamecube and it was 2003 so I am not expecting many people to remember this title since A, not many people had the Gamecube, and 2 it was nearly 20 years ago.

I am one of those people that will buy anything that Final Fantasy makes and I have to say that while I was initially disappointed in this title (for reasons I will explain), it grew on me and is a pretty great game, although for very not-Final-Fantasy-reasons.


The first thing that you will notice about Final Fantasy Chronicles (FFC) is that it feels very different from any other Final Fantasy game you've probably ever played. This game is quite childish in comparison to the other FF games in existence and I wouldn't really even classify it as a classic RPG at all.

It has some RPG elements such as upgraded equipment and the need to arrange spells a certain way for maximum effect but these are relatively minor aspects of the game. Mostly the game involves positioning your character in the correct place in order to strike and timing is also very important. The game was almost cutesy in a way that the Japan audience has been fans of for quite some time but in USA in 2003 this game was considered by many to be weird since it was cute in a way that would suggest it was a game for children but the game itself was too difficult for most children that the game appeared it was for.


Personally i could have done without the cinematic sequences that the game features regularly in an effort to provide some sort of comic relief but i suppose this doesn't happen too frequently. Like most RPG's and especially FF ones, grinding can be necessary and this is easily accomplished due to the fact that each individual level can be repeated many times and increasing difficultly levels in order to obtain news items and abilities.

Although I never did play it, the multiplayer apparently was the biggest feature of the game and many fans are calling for a remastered version of this title. Square listened and this remastered version is meant to be ready for a worldwide release in August of this year.

It appears as thought it will be available for Switch and also PS4 but it hasn't been announced if it will be cross-platform. If I had to bet I would guess that it wont be since nothing else is.

This was a very different game when it was released on the Gamecube and honestly, it will not appeal to everyone since it is an odd hybrid of kiddie style gaming mixed with quite complicated gameplay. I think that the multiplayer will drag people in because that will almost certainly be fun.

Depending on the launch price I could actually be an early adopter of this title because of the fond memories I have of the original. What about you?


I had a gamecube briefly, and I borrowed this from a friend. I remember I didn't get very far because at the start of the game they have you running around talking and talking and talking and then there is an unskippable and silly cinematic and i got frustrated about the fact that nothing was happening and i gave up and gave the game back to the friend.

it takes the right kind of person. For me, this is a nice casual step down for more relaxed gameplay between far more complicated games. With Crystal Chronicles if you died, you still kept all your xp and items so it wasn't a massive deal when you died, you just got increasingly powerful and eventually would be able to overpower whatever level you happened to be on. I am looking forward to the re-release

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