Orn.io - 3D Multiplayer Browser Game *COMPETITIVE*

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Orn.io is a unique .io game in which you control a rolling ball in a big 3D environment! Roll your ball and eat idle scattered balls to grow in size. You can eat other players' balls if they are smaller that you. When your size is big enough, avoid the spikes or your ball can split into many tiny balls! You don't want that because they can easily get eaten by other players. You can choose one of several available skins, but some are secrets and you need to figure out the nickname by yourself (hint: try to use "doge" or "russia"). Keep rolling and dominate the arena!

Link: Orn.io
Android: Play Store
iOS: App Store

How to Play
Use WASD or arrow keys to move the ball
Move mouse to rotate view
Press space bar to split

Gameplay Footage



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