WeWolfenstein 3D Running on Sega 32X, Wow. Simply Wow

in games •  3 months ago

If you would have said back in the day that they Sega 32X could run Wolfenstein 3D I would have thought it was cool but been skeptical.

I mean, the 32X has a respectable port of Doom to its credit which means technically Wolfenstein 3D was possible. I just didn't think it would be this smooth.

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The fact that the 32X is capable enough to have a good Wolfenstein 3-D port doesn't surprise me (the fact that the implementation was actually decent is another story). Wolfenstein 3-D is an older game than Doom. It came out in 1992 an could run on a 286 (which was pretty old then). I think the hardware in the 32X compares favorably to that. Doom required a high-end 386 (or really a 486) with gobs of memory (for the time) to run decently. It sure ran great on my 486 DX2-66 with a whopping 16MB though.


My surprise is the fact that this is fans working with freeware development tools that were created after the 32X was released.

Doom was done with official Software Development Kits which would have made the job much easier for the team.

From a technical standpoint, yeah, Doom is the more demanding of the two. I am not denying that.