Retroguru Continues Development of New Retro Platformer

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If you have not heard of Retroguru yet then you surely have just discovered independent homebrew development. These guys have been around for a while now, working on many titles for even more platforms. From puzzle games like FruitY to the Sqrxz franchise, Retroguru have releases spanning Windows, Linux, Sega Dreamcast, Commodore Amiga, and many other platforms. Their latest title, Nutmeg is closer to Sqrxz in that it is a 2D side scrolling action platformer. Nutmeg is purportedly running on a new engine, the Retroguru-Engine.


Details on exactly how Nutmeg will operate are scarce but I can make a few assumptions on the screenshots released.

For one, there is a “HUNGER” meter which alludes to the lead character having to eat something. Maybe taking a cue from Kirby in the classic Nintendo franchise is what they are leaning towards here in having the lead character eat their enemies.

Second, Nutmeg is clearly a 2D side scrolling action platform title. It appears that there will be plenty of jumping and running while avoiding enemies to be had.

Nutmeg Retroguru

There is a score, lives count (meaning we can expect one hit kills), and a “Star” counter giving players something to collect during the levels (presumably to get 100% completion rating?).

Considering the plethora of platforms that Retroguru supports, we are looking at a title that will hit about 10+ platforms. Many of which don’t see new games all that often, certainly not many as polished as what Retroguru are known for.

Right now Nutmeg is aimed for release on many platforms, similar to previous Retroguru titles. Sega Dreamcast, Mac OS, Linux, Open Pandora, and more are all named in development update posts on the Retroguru Facebook page.

If you want to see more games like this, support those making them happen.

Source: Facebook and the Retroguru website (past game information)

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