MegaBlast - Commodore Amiga 500 Gameplay Demo

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Most people reading this are familiar with the hectic fun that the Bomberman franchise represents. Retrogaming fans may also remember the Konami franchise as being one of the earliest, post Nintendo NES, cross platform games. Bomberman is one of the few games to appear on all three major platforms during the 16-bit days, being a mainstay for NEC on their Turbo Grafx-16 console. The franchise lives on today with the latest releases being on the Nintendo Switch console. That kind of support from both fans and the game publishers usually results in some kind of fan game being made. MegaBlast is one of the latest fan homages to the Bomberman franchise.

What is interesting about MegaBlast is that there are various powerups that I don’t remember seeing in the Bomberman series. One such powerup actually flips the screen so everyone has to rethink their strategy a bit.

The classic gameplay of Bomberman is present in MegaBlast. Your character drops bombs and blows up either enemies roaming the level, other players, or blocks that obstruct your navigating the level.

The animation in the characters is subtle but very nice and smooth. A skeleton skull for instance roams the level and flashes evil eyes at you. While he is moving around, one of his animations is to stick his tongue out at you, taunting you to blow him up - if you can. The death animation for the player characters is quite good too, with a turning to ash animation that is funny as the character looks at the screen as they dissolve.

The music is also quite good though you probably won’t be buying the soundtrack.

So far it looks like MegaBlast is four player, max, which will make it ideal for parties and round robin tournaments if you have enough friends. There is no word on multiplayer over the Internet or if this is local only.

Check out MegaBlast over on YouTube and let them know RGM sent you.

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