RaspberryPi Arcade Machine

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When I received my first raspberry pi, I already knew, that at some point I would build an arcade machine. But it took me more than a year to finally tackle this project. The best and worst thing about this was, that I set myself a deadline and wanted it to be ready for our upcoming housewarming party 3 weeks later...
The instructables by rolfebox were a huge help especially during the planning phase and I just ended up changing a few things like adding speakers and the Daft Punk Design. In the end this project was a lot of fun and provided a lot of additional entertainment for the evening.

First of all there was a paper prototype to make sure the dimensions are fine:

I made a 3D rendering of how I wanted it to look like in the end:

Button build into paper prototype to see if it feels natural:

The wiring for the buttons:

I built the wooden case with the help of a friend:

Cheap monitor from ebay where I removed everything that I didn't need:

Added the Daft Punk decoration I printed online:

Everything fitted inside the case:

The wiring inside:

The finished product:

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Ooo what type of game is this was amazing


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! :)