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Tigrans are a race of humanoid cat folk and one of my favorite races in the game. They are weak but fast and versatile. Most units have abilities that make them unique in some way and able to do more than one thing at the time. They are a difficult race to play, but very fun to master.

Shredder is the starting unit for the Tigrans. They are a both melee and ranged unit. As most starting units, they are very weak but with the ranged skill, they can serve as a support and a defensive unit for towns. As most Tigrans, they have night vision, very useful underground.

Hunter is the first combat unit. They are Tigrans that have reverted to their bestial forms and walk on four legs. Hunters are deadly if left alone, they can even hold their own against more powerful units. They are very fast and able to pick out weak enemy units.

Fire Cat is a range unit with fire attack. Very powerful and deadly, unless an enemy has fire immunity or even fire protection. They can become useless. Fire Cats have only one attack per turn and that makes them not as good as some ranged units in the game but that one attack is more powerful than most and it has a chance to set an enemy on fire dealing even more damage.

Cat Master is Tigran "cavalry," I say that in quotations, considering that he rides a sabertooth tiger. They also have a ranged and melee attack. Ranged attack is with bow and arrows. Considering their speed they are able to position themselves easily on the battlefield and are one of the rare cavalry units that are good at defensive as well. Their melee attack is not great, but it is enough to threaten enemies of the same rank.

Prowler is one of my favorite units in the game. Very weak to any damage, but very powerful if they approach an enemy. Powerless to me is the epitome of Tigrans as a race, true glass cannons. They are able to climb up walls and attack defenseless archers. They have concealment and can hide on the global map. Prowlers are one of the few none cavalry units that have charge.

Mystic is a Tigran spellcaster. The have magic bolts to attack from range. They can steal enemy enchantments. They have blur making them difficult to hit. They can teleport to support allies or to move to a better location, or even escape a difficult situation. Very difficult to deal with, but very fun to play with. The only problem with Mystics is their slow speed, compared to most of the Tigran units.

Manticore is a strange creature, part lion, part snake and part dragon. It can fly, has powerful poison attacks. It is not as durable as units of some other races, but the ability to fly makes it very powerful as they can dictate what enemy will they attack first. If the enemy does not have any flyers of their own. They are excellent to attack enemy towns, as they can easily pick off enemy archers.

Beholder is a floating head with many eyes. It can cross any terrain and obstacle but it can not go over the town wall. It has a decent melee attack but that is not its primary attack. Beholder can shoot a beam that can paralyze an enemy from a large distance. This makes them one of the most unpleasant units to fight against. They can be taken down by a close combat unit, even lower tier ones, but it makes up for this with its incredible resistance. Making it almost immune to magical attacks.

Sphinx is the ultimate unit of the Tigrans. They are very powerful, as their rank implies. They possess high damage, defense, and resistance, but they are not very fast. They have fire immunity and are able to walk thru mountains. What makes them especially dangerous is the dominant skill. They can take over almost any unit in the game, permanently. It is imperative to keep them at a distance if playing aginst them, as dominate is a close range skill.

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