💥 SCREEN-WIN contest! Get guaranteed STEEM every week! 🎁 [100 STEEM in the prize pool!]

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Join the game and win guaranteed STEEM every week! 💰
Show us the screenshot of your win and get some guaranteed EXTRA STEEM from 100 STEEM prize pool! 🎁

The prize pool will be evenly divided among all the players who take part in the contest, so each of you will receive a fair share! 💸 💸 💸

This week you can post screens from any of our games!

Let's see which one you like the most. 😉

👉 How to get rewards? 🎁

1. Resteem this post and follow @steemslotgames profile.
2. Go to SteemSlotGames.com and play some games in your favorite game.
3. Take a screenshot of one of your wins and post it in the comment below this post (screens from demo versions are also allowed).


We have prepared a guaranteed 100 STEEM to be shared for all players who follow these simple rules. 💸 💸 💸

Rules of the contest

You can add a screen with your win from any of our games (also from the demo versions). Each player can post only one entry. We are waiting for your entries until Thursday (23:59pm UTC). The results will be posted on Friday (07.02.2020) and the rewards will be sent to your game accounts within 24H.
To take part in the game you need 50+ Steem Reputation. Only active users who have written a post on their Steem profile or made a deposit on our site in the last 30 days will get their reward. Each player who completes the task will be manually checked by our team to make sure they qualify for the contest. We reserve the right to not pay out the reward if we suspect that your account is fake and the activity is caused only by intention to receive the reward. We want to support the growth of the Steem community and provide high-quality entertainment only to the real, active users.




🍀 Are you feel lucky today? 🍀
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Are you new in the game? 😎

Visit the "How to play" tab and join the action! ⤵

SSG.com is the first random games platform using ONLY Steem Blockchain and STEEM token! All of our games are fair, fully random and easy to play!
To provide our players with the maximum level of security the login is possible through SteemConnect. Thanks to this all your keys are encrypted on your cookie file and they remains 100% private. You can learn more about safety and rules of the game in “How to Play” tab.
Please remember to always play responsibly and to deposit only the amount of STEEM that will make the game only an entertainment.

1st participate . Wish to win.

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Favorite game on here

My win for today


My favorite game still Steem stone and here is screenshot of my today win!

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You rock! ;)


P.S. I got your last message about reaching you and i actually have new updates about the game...because of your platform you gave me a big push in finishing the texas holdem style game and now i am continuing the dev part of the game and doing some graphical things

That's awesome! We hope the work will go smoothly and soon we will see another game on Steem! We keep our fingers crossed!

I didn't get screenshots from playing for real where I previously had some nice wins (then a bunch of losses) so I practiced my double up and got a few in a row to win bigger! Shame it wasn't on my real plays. 🤣
Given this an upvote and a resteem on one contest as part of the contest to join in, and double up poker is my favourite of yours games.
steemslotgames demo 3 double up win.PNG

@thegoliath it's nice to see you back on our site! We're sure you will hit a lot of more Mega Wins!

THX 4 the contest!

My favorite game is always Video Poker.

Thank you for another great contest.