🤑 WIN STEEM & SBD! Daily REWARDS for the bravest players!

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Besides the big emotions and great entertainment on SteemSlotGames.com we guarantee STEEM and SBD for the wildest, most hardcore and cheekyplayers! 😎

Join the challenge, make the biggest number of spins in one day and claim the reward of Spinnerman Of The Day!


Today's hero is @ocupation with the amount of 401 spins made! 💪
@ocupation you proved that you are a solid player, so you deserve for the reward! 🍾

You won the title of SPINNERMAN OF THE DAY and a SPECIAL BONUS!
As a prize we send you, on your Steem Wallet, 50% of your highest win! Which is 5.25 STEEM! Now you can make even more spins! Will you beat your record? 😏

Hey you! Now it’s your turn!

Join the game and 🔹 TEST YOUR LUCK! 🔹
Don't let the big emotions pass you by!
Visit SteemSlotGames.comand test your luck in just 3 steps!

🔹 1. Go to www.steemslotgames.com and choose the game!
🔹 2. Login with safe SteemConnect.
🔹 3. Start spinning!

Be sure to follow @steemslotgames to win extra money and receive info about special rewards and bonuses!


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I played a few spins put in 5 steem and left with 8 steem. Pretty cool I will play again, both the in and out transfers of steem to the site were fast. It was much faster than ETH gambling, and you don't have to pay gas all the time. I for one think gambling could really help save steem.


@viraldrome come again, but this time try to smash the bank! 😎