5 Common Types of Mobile Gamers: Which One Are You?

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Some gamers internalise their excitement, quietly obliterating baddies on their morning commute. Others are a bit more vocal and may get a few odd stares from fellow train passengers, colleagues or wherever they happen to be gaming. Techniques, strategies and indeed reactions differ from person-to-person, so the question is — what type of mobile gamer are you?
Let’s take a look at some examples:

1. The Casual Gamer

The casual gamer likes to kill time during the office commute or while they wait for their turn to see the doctor. They don’t really care about genre, as long as they’re entertained and engaged. A simple puzzle could do nicely one day followed by a complex strategy game the next. Casual gamers simply enjoy a bit of light fun when they’ve nothing better to do.
If you think this is outright demeaning to hard-working game publishers, fret not! Casual gamers are actually one of the primary reasons for the flourishing mobile game industry spending a significant timeon a variety of different gaming genres.

2. The Hardcore Gamer

Hardcore gamers live and breathe mobile games. They take titles and progress very seriously, and frequently get frustrated about not having enough “lives” to complete a level. They are often seen playing a game amidst dinner conversations, much to the displeasure of their friends and family. They stay constantly updated about new upgrades, releases and plan their schedule accordingly. Hardcore gamers are also most likely to be the ones who keep sending ‘gaming tools’ and ‘extra lives’ requests to your friends on their social media profiles. Gamers of this kind also develop amazing hand-eye coordination and dexterity. Minor smartphone glitches can induce a major panic attack.

3. The Professional Gamer

Professional gamers are like hardcore gamers but with superior gaming skills and planning tendencies. They earn money from the sector and focus on the mechanics of the game they are playing; constantly striving to improve their performance. Publishers approach professional gamers to live stream their games or to find technical errors and bugs in their apps. Such gamers can even end up being a social influencer for gamer publishers, using their apparel to drive sales. Professionals often participate in various competitive events with other players. Like hardcore gamers, they always keep track of the latest releases.

4. The Social Gamer

Social gamers love to play multiplayer games with friends and family. They usually associate playing a game, indoor or outdoors, with building relationships. They plan get-togethers around important game releases. If you are one of them, you might have made plenty of friends in your gaming circles. You like to discuss game related trivia and new releases with friends. This type of gamer is also highly competitive. They get a sense of achievement when they win against friends and family.

5. The Midcore Gamer

The midcore gamer is talented but does not often spend a significant time playing the latest games. They dabble in gaming when they’re in the mood and take it seriously when they do. Midcore gamers usually have a favourite game genre which they stick to. This category incidentally accounts for a good chunk of players, who might have been hardcore previously, but have limited their playing time for various reasons.

Whichever category you belong to, Sgame Pro™ has something for everyone. Come visit us at sgamepro.io or follow the latest updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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