What is the point of... jigsaw puzzles?

in games •  10 months ago

With the festive season come real-life problems, such as what presents to give.

I imagine some people have either given or received a jigsaw puzzle.

I recall receiving one as a kid, more as a get-well-soon present than any celebratory event.

I also recall looking at it with some... puzzlement.

Where was the puzzle? I could see the picture on the box.

What was the point?

I could understand if the image was going to be a surprise.

But it wasn't.

I could almost understand the meditative state of moving coloured pieces around a board.

I just don't get it.

Can anyone enlighten me?

Or does anybody else agree?

image: pixabay

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I don't get it either.


Glad to hear it! Maybe someone will explain their fascination to us.

BTW havent seen you much on MAP; looking at your blog you're involved in the Writer's Block. I still curate for muxxybot, so just next door. Have added you to @accelerator auto-voter for some votes for a few weeks.


Thank you, that's very kind. ^_^
I've cut back on the number of discord communities in which I'm involved (it was far more than I could handle), so I'm no longer at MAP or The Writers' Block.

My wife and I will do one together on occasion. It is just a relaxing time waster. Nothing more.

It is just something about finishing it ... that sense of accomplishment. In Lit, Rabelais had a story about a fellow who pushed a barrel up and down a hill all day. Moving puzzle pieces. A pretty good microcosm of life. Just a thought. Blessings.

I am a puzzle lover. I like the feel of the individual pieces and it is relaxing to sort though and create different parts of the puzzle. It also feels kind of fun and naughty to tear it all down and put it back in the box at the end. Like stomping on your sand castle as a child.


Hi, I do understand all that, I just feel that it would be more of a puzzle - a challenge - if I didn't know what the final image was! :-)

Maybe there's a market for "brown box jigsaws" - or maybe not!


WASGIY puzzles are similar in design to Where's Wally and they show one scene on the front and you put together the image for 5 minutes later. Normally a joke of some kind. Fun but silly. https://www.vat19.com/item/wasgij-reverse-perspective-jigsaw-puzzle