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Bioshock Remastered?


When a big-name company rereleases a game as an HD remaster or something like it, I am always skeptical. Games like this are the reasons why


This is exactly the same plot as the original. Nothing new whatsoever, despite the fact that this is a new product with a new price tag.


The mechanics have not changed, with the exception of some new bugs. This is an update of a 2009 game, but had no new settings or anything to make it more modern. There was a massive bug to do with mouse sensitivity. You had to go into an .ini file and paste a fix. This shouldn't be happening.


They are better, but not a lot better


The only thing I can see is that they jacked the FoV through the roof, and maybe changed a few textures. This is an absolute joke.

Review: 1/10

I am not rating the game as a plot or anything of the sort. This is an absolute disaster. Nothing new that couldn't have been fixed with mods, and an embarrassing bug that had no place considering how little work was done to make this product. And they charged for it!


fantastic review! in my opinion remasters are a little scam, there is nothing stoping you from playing the same game in the original console, but I must admit that the fact that one can play a game as old as the original Bioshock on a PS4 or XONE is pretty cool.

I play on PC so having to dig up an old console isn't something I have to deal with. More should go into remasters

Great review and straight to the point. Love the way you rated the score of 1/10. Cheers :-)

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Burnout remasterd :-)