Back in the day!! Do you remember this ? I'm shocked what I just found in my home. It's making me so Nostalgic!steemCreated with Sketch.

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I never knew that my lovely Nintendo is hidden somewhere in my home .. covered and in great shape...oh dear it's making me so nostalgic about the time when we bought a tape and we were super excited to put it in and play...The fun is incomparable with any kind of format that came and is still now....ahh BACK IN THE DAY !!!


Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 6.50.31 PM.png

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yepp :L... Nintendo gun.. remember ?

o yeah forgot

I used to have myself one of those, the good old days.

exactly .. the good old days :(

N64? First console!

Yep I think is N64...lovely h ?

Lol, I very well remember this console. You preserved it well. #TBT