[CLOSED] Bet Your Upvote Playing Poker For Free and Win Steem - run #4613

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Bet your Upvote and WIN STEEM


Hello evereybody, do you want to earn something? Simple upvote this post and WIN some STEEM!

Rules of game:

  • When you upvote this post, you play against me for the value of your upvote. If you win you'll receive the relative amount in STEEM!
  • You and me will receive five random cards. The better hand will win!
  • As in every casino, if the player and the dealer have the same point, the dealer win.
  • When the post is closed (after around 8 hours), the post will be commented with the game results.

Please note:

  • The winnings will be paid after a week (after the post value will be accredited on this account) applying the rate of that date, so to guarantee correctness of payments (for me and you!).
  • According to blockchain rules, the minimum value of a transaction must be at least of 0.001 STEEM, if your reward is less it can't be payed, it won't lost but it will be cumulated till your reward will be more or equal than the minimum.
  • I'll publish one game post every around 4 hours, so if you play every day, after a week you have a great chance to earn every day!

If you like this, try also @playhighcard!

Thanks to CoinGecko that provides realtime exchange rates for free!!

The game is managed by a bot, so all should go good. But feel free to comment something!
Good Luck guys!


Games results:
@walkerlv win, 7d,Ts,3d,Jh,3s vs As,2h,Th,6d,Kd -> Pair, 3's, around 0.0009659055719231145 SBD
@leno4ek lose, 6s,4c,Ah,3d,8h vs As,Ad,Tc,3c,3h -> Two Pair, A's & 3's
@jiva34 win, 2s,Jd,9h,3d,9d vs 2d,7h,Qd,9c,Tc -> Pair, 9's, around 0.0014157837942318373 SBD
@thauerbyi win, 9h,As,3h,Qc,Ah vs 5h,6d,Jc,4h,Qs -> Pair, A's, around 0.000677656669762864 SBD
@hhiep win, Qd,6c,6d,Qh,Td vs Jh,As,5h,6h,Jc -> Two Pair, Q's & 6's, around 0.0002979272262378342 SBD
@riovanes lose, 8s,4s,9s,7d,2s vs 2h,9d,6d,Kh,Qd -> K High
@frafiomatale win, 3h,As,6h,2c,Kc vs 3s,Ad,2d,9h,Qd -> A High, around 0.0023296820752159346 SBD
@stefannikolov win, 9h,7c,9c,6s,8c vs 2s,3d,Jh,6h,Tc -> Pair, 9's, around 0.00044461161639840224 SBD
@bonp win, 4d,Kh,2h,4h,3d vs 6s,4c,5s,Ad,Qs -> Pair, 4's, around 0.00021287034582483558 SBD
@darksin87 lose, Kc,Ad,2h,Tc,2d vs 8d,2s,7d,4s,8h -> Pair, 8's
@blumela win, Th,Kh,7h,Ad,9c vs 4h,Ts,2s,9s,Ac -> A High, around 0.000008220612673709708 SBD
@omp lose, 6h,8s,5h,Jd,Qd vs 8d,Qh,Ah,Qc,4c -> Pair, Q's
@yoshi361 win, 6s,5c,Qh,Ad,7d vs 6c,As,4h,5s,8h -> A High, around 0.0015364797416206344 SBD
@dennitsa lose, 8h,7h,8c,Ah,6s vs 3h,9s,3s,9h,8s -> Two Pair, 9's & 3's
@antonioc win, Ah,5d,9d,2s,5s vs Ad,3s,4h,Jd,6d -> Pair, 5's, around 0.000009922815475623666 SBD
@antgio win, 6h,4d,6c,8d,9c vs 7s,Tc,Ac,5c,Qd -> Pair, 6's, around 0.00000991593223774359 SBD
@alfandante win, 9c,3s,Jc,Kd,3h vs 3d,7h,Qs,Th,6s -> Pair, 3's, around 0.000009889659365362899 SBD
@filmass win, 2d,8s,5h,Jc,Kh vs 5s,2h,4c,9h,7h -> K High, around 0.000009896434869282868 SBD
@filodatt lose, 7h,9s,Tc,Ac,6c vs Td,2s,7c,Ts,Qd -> Pair, 10's
@giusiartusi lose, 4s,Td,8s,6d,3h vs 7d,3c,3s,2c,Tc -> Pair, 3's
@domepott79 lose, Tc,Jd,5c,Qh,2h vs 4c,5s,2s,7c,4d -> Pair, 4's
@armadilib lose, 4h,8c,Ac,Jh,5c vs 6s,Qs,7s,6d,4d -> Pair, 6's
@bgteam win, 7c,6h,8s,9h,Tc vs Qs,3d,Ks,Qd,6d -> Straight, 10 High, around 0.0003093758335816093 SBD
@minnowpost win, 3h,Qs,Th,Qc,5h vs 8d,Js,6s,3c,5s -> Pair, Q's, around 0.0000010133625031882376 SBD

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