[CLOSED] Bet Your Upvote Playing HighCard For Free and Win Steem - run #5239

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Bet your Upvote and WIN STEEM


Hello evereybody, do you want to earn something? Simple upvote this post and WIN some STEEM!

Rules of game:

  • When you upvote this post, you play against me for the value of your upvote. If you win you'll receive the relative amount in STEEM!
  • You and me will receive a random cards. The higher card will win!
  • As in every casino, if the player and the dealer have the same point, the dealer win.
  • When the post is closed (after around 8 hours), the post will be commented with the game results.

Please note:

  • The winnings will be paid after a week (after the post value will be accredited on this account) applying the rate of that date, so to guarantee correctness of payments (for me and you!).
  • According to blockchain rules, the minimum value of a transaction must be at least of 0.001 STEEM, if your reward is less it can't be payed, it won't lost but it will be cumulated till your reward will be more or equal than the minimum.
  • I'll publish one game post every around 4 hours, so if you play every day, after a week you have a great chance to earn every day!

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Thanks to CoinGecko that provides realtime exchange rates for free!!

The game is managed by a bot, so all should go good. But feel free to comment something!
Good Luck guys!


Games results:
@leno4ek win, Six of Hearts vs Three of Hearts -> Six of Hearts, around 0.0006930017142774851 SBD
@jiva34 win, Queen of Diamonds vs Six of Hearts -> Queen of Diamonds, around 0.0011548495275092558 SBD
@thauerbyi win, Queen of Hearts vs Five of Diamonds -> Queen of Hearts, around 0.0005021701304297536 SBD
@hhiep win, Ten of Clumbs vs Five of Clumbs -> Ten of Clumbs, around 0.00015266866712722267 SBD
@jplaughing lose, Three of Spades vs Five of Spades -> Five of Spades
@stefannikolov win, Ten of Spades vs Eight of Hearts -> Ten of Spades, around 0.00042996216636419823 SBD
@jjqf win, King of Clumbs vs Six of Spades -> King of Clumbs, around 0.00015538448378392346 SBD
@darksin87 win, Six of Hearts vs Four of Clumbs -> Six of Hearts, around 0.0000071120653263095235 SBD
@lammbock lose, Four of Clumbs vs Seven of Spades -> Seven of Spades
@blumela lose, Ace of Hearts vs Ace of Clumbs -> Ace of Clumbs
@yoshi361 win, Ten of Clumbs vs Three of Hearts -> Ten of Clumbs, around 0.0015140841271303377 SBD
@antonioc lose, Seven of Diamonds vs Seven of Spades -> Seven of Spades
@antgio win, Ace of Diamonds vs Jack of Clumbs -> Ace of Diamonds, around 0.000006227510869326429 SBD
@alfandante lose, Eight of Diamonds vs Queen of Diamonds -> Queen of Diamonds
@filmass lose, Four of Clumbs vs Five of Hearts -> Five of Hearts
@filodatt win, Queen of Clumbs vs Ten of Spades -> Queen of Clumbs, around 0.000006315518367582024 SBD
@giusiartusi lose, Three of Clumbs vs Queen of Spades -> Queen of Spades
@domepott79 win, Ace of Diamonds vs Eight of Spades -> Ace of Diamonds, around 0.00000631542134538805 SBD
@armadilib win, Seven of Diamonds vs Six of Hearts -> Seven of Diamonds, around 0.000006227503790858969 SBD

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