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RE: [CLOSED] Roll the dice for FREE & win SBD!

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Congrats @hwantag , @jameszenartist , @maikelmichiels , @tntdabomb , @robhimself1 , @reonlouw , @braaiboy , @pirateofthedtube , @tillysfamilyfarm , @incubot , @stormrobertson , @minimining
You will be sharing the SBD prize pool when this post pays out in a few days.

Make sure you don't miss another roll: Follow @PlayDice on @SteemAuto or something similar.
click here to find out how to follow @PlayDice

Neither @PlayDice nor any upvote bots are eligible for winnings! If you notice any upvote bots in the winner's list, then please let me know by tagging @braaiboy in a comment. Much Appreciated!


This post has received a 100 % upvote as gift, this service is stopped staring from 05/08/2018 all sent SBD will returned.
thanks to you we wish meet you again as soon as we can.

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