Building a Virtual world and what it can tell us about our true selves

in games •  2 years ago

Peter Rosedale, entrepreneur and founder of virtual world Second life, talks about building a virtual world and the insight one gets on the true human nature when concepts of power, physical appearance, gender and geolocation have a completely different meaning.

"What's a more realistic portrayal of you? Your avatar, your house and kind of behavior as a person inside Second life or the real you in this room?"

This talk will open your mind to the social aspects of a creativity based society and make you question yourself about what the future might really be like.

This is by far the best talk I've listened to this year and I thought the Steemit community would enjoy it.

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BEAUTIFUL - I play second life. I think for repressed introverts, you gain more ability to express your TRUE self with a shield like second life, steemit, or world of warcraft. Most people dont listen to you in person, conversations bounce back and forth and you never have more than 5 seconds to talk, whereas the internet allows you a lot more room to speak your mind!

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