Prison Architect

in games •  2 years ago

What is the purpose of the game?

You need to make a prison. you can make it a hell for the inmates or a focus on reforming. When you open the game you don’t start with a menu. You start with a basic plot of land, 8 workers and 30 grand. To get more money you can get some grands or house some inmates. You can get 6 kinds of inmates: Low sec, Med sec, High sec, Super max sec, Protective custody and death row. Low sec, Med sec and High sec are not really special just the grating of inmates, but Super max sec, Protective custody and Death row are the more special inmates. The super max inmates are the legendary(rare) prisoners with lots of skills. You need to keep a close eye on them. Protective custody are the inmates that need to be protected from the other inmates because they are mostly snitches and ex-law enforcement. The death row inmates are the prisoners on death row.

What do i think of this game?

I thing this is a great game. First when i played this game i noticed that the sounds were amazing when you zoom in and out the sound faints and comes back. You can hear when the prisoners are happy or angry. You can also if your workers are done with your new cell-block. I personally like to watch streams wile i play games like this, and with the detailed sound you hear exactly what is happening. There aren’t really any keyboard shortcuts, but with this game you really don’t miss it. The A.I isn’t perfect, example sometimes guards don’t move or inmate’s wont go where they should go.

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