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in games •  10 months ago

I picked up my copy on Friday morning release and within 5 minutes of play, I was taken back to my childhood. Great for newcomers of the series but most excellent for original fans like myself. The old tunes are even there! A bit updated, but it's the old feel. Side scrolling games on the modern systems feel cheap sometimes because it's not taking advantage of the possibilities, but with this, that feeling is absent. Fantastic controls keep that SNES feel like in Super Metroid. I just got the NEW 2DS XL cause 3D is not my flavour and I wanted a more efficient and slim console for my 3DS games, and this game is badass without the 3D crap. Samus can be all the 3D she desires in Smash. The overall music and sound effects could use an enhancement, which can be rectified via 3DS update. In the end, my favourite Nintendo game this year.


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