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RE: Now is a great time to join Prospectors (And get Monsters cards for signing up through my link)

in #games3 years ago

EOS has a real problem with applications that only use certain wallets. I'm using Nova wallet and it's not supported for this game, to play Prospectors I need to find another wallet(for example Wombat). There can still be more apps that don't support Nova or Wombat, it's pretty horrible actually the system they have. I don't know do I have the will to go through the hustle. But cool game still.


Scatter works with everything I see.

Yeah, there are definitely some kinks to work out over there. I had to get Scatter and then it doesn't work reliably on the game for me anyway.

Just tried Wombat on my phone... wouldn't work :0(
On my desktop, it keeps asking for Scatter...

Just wasted almost an hour of my life trying to get into the game. No luck.

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