What the Cluck? (Behind the scenes of Coop da Chickens)

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If you have been following our other posts you may have heard us mention a game called Coop da Chickens. In fact Coop da Chickens was our first officially published game released in early 2017 on The Game Crafter. The game was a hit with its quirky artwork and playful mechanics we started selling copies.

However Coop da Chickens didn't start out all super cuddly and cute with the lovable characters it has now, no it started as a much more basic game with similar mechanics originally called Switch Pass.


Although Switch Pass worked mechanically as a game it was still missing something. Using only colors and numbers a players goal was to collect the most points by playing cards and swapping cards around the play area. Turns out it just needed more chickens. So we redesigned it to fit the theme of a farmer whose chickens had escaped and it was the players goal to collect and coop the most chickens although a few new cards were introduced the basic principal of the game remained in tact.


No bigger than a deck of playing cards Coop da Chickens is easy to take anywhere and easy enough for players of any level to learn and enjoy, and you can too. Copies of Coop da Chickens are currently available via our Etsy page. We hope you enjoyed this brief behind the scenes look at one of our most popular games.

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