Did you Know Gamers are Good in Decision Making

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"Video games really could make your mind sharper by improving your decision-making skills, a new study finds.
Past research showed that people who play action video games have faster reaction times than those who don't play the games.

Action video games typically refer to "shooter games, where you go through a maze and you don't know when a villain will appear," said researcher Daphne Bavelier, a cognitive neuroscientist at the University of Rochester in New York.

Still, one could argue that................." source : http://www.nbcnews.com/id/39154288/ns/technology_and_science-science/t/grand-theft-auto-may-improve-decision-making-skills/#.WZuk1sp97IU


So maybe the to develop your good decision making is to practicing gaming or mastering gaming

I love this article because I do gaming

I play Dota 2

then maybe like the most awesome players in the world are the most awesome in decision making, maybe am I right guys ;]


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Know Gamers are Good in Decision Making
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Games are very valuable

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yeah that's 100% true fact .