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RE: Now is a great time to join Prospectors (And get Monsters cards for signing up through my link)

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Deal, if you explain me how I can have a legit eos wallet as I tried and failed, remember my username on discord is @itharagaian and I am on linux ubuntu.
If you can make it, then I will sign on your link, promised ( i do not open any links of that game in the meanwhile to be sure not to ruin your referal link)


I have no idea how to make a first EOS account, as I had mine before the migration from ETH. When I wanted to make one for Otterworks I just paid for it out of my initial one. I can do the same for you if you want for 3 USD, but there may be a reasonable free option out there I don't know about. (You would end up with about 1/4 of that staked on the account.)


Ok I now see why, i never could install eth either, probably same kind of issue, sorry then won't be able to do that for now. Thank you for the reply

If you download EOS Knights, they’ll create you a free account(so long as you have a Facebook account). You get all your keys and everything so you can change it if you don’t trust them.

cool, feel free to send me the link to those knights

If successfull I would opt for the pirate archer ;)

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